Reservation in Tamil Nadu Express - 2621
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Reservation in Tamil Nadu Express - 2621


I am trying to book e-ticket at from Chennai to New Delhi for Sep 5th, 2008. However, both the trains:
Grand Trunk Express(2615) and Tamil Nadu Express (2621) are showing the following mesg:

Reservation for the Train/Date/Route/Class suspended.

Can anybody help me with this? Y is this so? Is it temporary suspension?


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Tickets can be booked maximum 90 days in advance. Now if you try you should get em.
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Hi Gametotravel..

I was trying it its around 60 days before start of journey.

I guess there might be some other reason? It shows that the train is suspended from Sep 4th till Sep 11th.
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Wait for a while. We have real train gyanis in the forum. Only keep the thread on the first page to get noticed.

Cheers and best of luck.
Dear Mehrotra,

As of now, the availability is being displayed upto 3.9.2008 and again from 12.9.2008 onwards.
This is only a temporary problem. Should get rectified at the earliest.

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