Question about Indian train reservation
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Question about Indian train reservation

Hi there, I booked a train ticket a few weeks ago to travel from Delhi to Goa on 30th December and the status is as follows:

Booking Status Current Status
(Coach No , Berth No., Quota) (Coach No , Berth No.)
Passenger 1 W/L 4 ,RSWL W/L 2
Passenger 2 W/L 5 ,RSWL W/L 3

Does anybody know, given the time we have left to travel, if I should just book an alternative method for travel or am I likely to get on the train? For the record, RSWL wasn't that status when I booked the ticket.


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Hi - Welcome to IndiaMike.

There are a number of experts on trains on this site but for them to answer your question you might want to add in the train number that you have booked. The numbers are not that high so possibly a reasonable chance but let the experts comment :-)

Also you should post it in the India Railways section of the Forum.

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Hey need to panic..RSWL means the revised wait list...your wait list number is 2 and 3 now. I am sure by time your date of journey comes, you ticket will be confirmed. In any case, it is better to keep the ticket till the last moment as you can cancel it one day before your date of travel and still get 95% of your money back.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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Phew I was having visions of spending NY stranded at a Delhi train station :)
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There is no need for such a drastic action my friend :) I am sure you will be able to spend NY eve in Goa. I am not a big fan of Goa during new years, though. :(
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Not really sure what to say about this thread.

Wrong forum (and our real waitlist expert only checks the railway forum)./

No train mentioned (and one of the Delhi-Goa trains won't get you to Goa in time for NYE).

No train class mentioned (and if it's 1A, and the train will get to Goa by NYE, you may find you wont get confirmed).
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Hey Steven...yeah she did not mention the train but I did not know the one of the trains will not reach within 30 hours. My mistake :(

Yeah, AC 1st class might not get confirmed as the seats are less but if it is AC II class or AC III tier, I think she might get her seats confirmed.
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Just had a chance to look at the trains.

I'm assuming Clobo is a 29 year old wanting to get to Goa for a New Years Eve party.

The Goa Express (train 2780) won't get to Goa till the 1st Jan, so I doubt this train was booked.

The Lakshwadeep Express (Train 2618) will get to Goa on the 31st at 20.30, so it's unlikely this train was booked.

This leaves only the Rajdhani (train 2432), this gets to Goa on the 31st at about 12:30 (erail says 14:30, but I think they're still listing the monsoon timings)

So, 1A on the Rajdhani could easily not get confirmed, there will only be a few berths on the Delhi-Goa quota.

2A has 24 berths on the Delhi-Goa quota, but there wont be many people cancelling, so to get past the waitlist and the RAC will be difficult, but you never know.

3A has at least 89 berths for the Delhi-Goa quota, so a reasonable chance of getting a confirmed berth, though there will likely be 12 RAC places to get past before a berth becomes confirmed.

(RAC gets you a seat, but sometimes no berth)

Train name/number and class are vital to these type of questions.

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