Mumbai to Delhi on the train
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Mumbai to Delhi on the train

We are taking the train from Mumbai to Delhi after taking stephen_bers suggestion(thanks).Has anyone exp on this journey .Is it safe at night with our belongings?.Also food wise is it allright or should we pack our own snacks/drinks etc. ?
One last thing is it possile to move about to another carriage,maybe mix around and talk to fellow passengers.We have a 2 tier a/c booking for four of us.

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have you booked your train tickets?

are you on the train i suggested?

if not, what time is the departure from mumbai?

the reason i ask is because different trains have different classes of travel, different food availability, different stops and different lenths of time spent at stations.

if you are on the train i suggested it is a rajdhani express,

if so, food and drinks are served on the train, the food is ok but still take snacks with you. it is perfectly safe at night, i will give some advice in the next couple of days on what to do with your luggage, but its far safer on indian trains than english trains.

as for moving about on the train, if it is the rajdhani express it is likely to be fully booked, but you can still wander up and down, except for nightime when each carraige is blocked off for your safety.

but indian trains are not like english trains, the people next to you will talk to you and are very interested in england (they seem to think england is a dream place to live)
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luggage safety on trains


your luggage will be a lot safer on an indian train than it would in my home country (england), however, a determined thief will get your luggage even if you are lying on it.

i use a very cheap chain (the kind they use to 'pull the chain' on a toilet) and a small padlock, to deter the opportunist thief (more likely to be a tourist than an indian)

get on the train early, make sure there is nothing in your case/backpack you might need for your journey, lock your luggage to the metal wire under the bottom bunk, then smile and say hello to the other people around you, this lets them know you trust them and gives you another 10 eyes watching your luggage.

i normally travel non AC sleeper class (a quarter the price of AC2) and have never had any problems with luggage.

if you use expensive strong chains and locks and keep checking your luggage someone may think you have something worth stealing in there.

relax, and enjoy the journey.
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Thanks Stephen for your veiws.
We are on the Rajdhani express leaving Mumbai at approx 5.00p.m and arriving at 10.00a.m in Delhi.
We have already got tickets through a friend of a friends who works on the railways,and paid working out in pounds Uk of approx £57 each return,which i think is a bargin,considering you save for a hotelroom for the night.We are meeting up with this friend in Mumbai and she will make sure we get on the right train and carriage which save a lot of worries.Upon arirving in Delhi we have sorted out a driver for a quick 5 day tour of Delhi,Agra and Jaipur.The only other thing is if anyone can remember the name of that hotel with the pool on the roof,indiamike did give the name on one these thread s but i cant seem to find it .Also how much is it per night.THANKS
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i cant work it out, it should be about £72 return

if it was 3 tier a/c it would be £44 return

do indian railways do special return fares?

even if bought under the 'break of journey' rools it would still cost £33 return

you got a good deal there.

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