Managed to register user on Indian railways :-D
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Managed to register user on Indian railways :-D

Here I´ve been dreading for weeks to register myself on the indian railway website, and tonight I finally sat down - and guess what - I did it in less than fifteen minutes! - I´m so happy - just had to shout out! :-D

Next story is booking the tickets... We´ll se how that goes - to be continued..

/T :-)

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Hi tobiass Well Done!!! You are now over the first hurdle !! :D :D :D

Have you decided on your travel plan?

I'd suggest that you book your key journeys as soon as you are 60 days from the date of journey (the earliest you can book on the net). When I did this, I was able to get confirmed seats for each journey, with no anxiety for the first-timer about RAC/Waitlisting !! :D :D :D
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Well, I've passed the next milestone -- booked tickets several times so far. A few tips:

Have the hotel delivery address ready when you book. Or have the New Delhi office address ready (the one on Chelmsford Rd.) if you're picking up, as I am.

Check availability right before you book a ticket. You might end up booking a ticket for which you'll be waitlisted in one class or confirmed on another. If that makes a difference to you, it's good to have the information at hand.

If you're booking a crowded train 60 days in advance online, know when the ticketing opens and be ready right at that time. For example, ticketing opened for my December 31 Jodhpur-Jaisalmer train a couple of days ago at 6:30 pm my time, which is 8am IST. I was 10 minutes late to book, and the 6 available seats disappeared in that time. Related note: While online booking opens 8am IST 60 days in advance, you can check availability for the same train a few hours earlier for some reason.

Keep in mind that the 60 day rule doesn't include the date of travel, and is measured from (I think) when the train leaves from its initial destination. So, if your train originates the day before you get on, online booking begins earlier than if your train originates at the station you get on.

It's all a little nerve-wracking at first, but it is actually a process you can get used to if you do it enough! Good luck. (And Steven_Ber or others, please feel free correct any inaccurate info in my post!)
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errr...We're booking tickets here, aren't we?

From the sound of the posts, it appears as though one is talking about rare astronomical sightings or placing bets in Las Vegas at the right time.

Everyone's so jittery about booking tkts, it's not the national lottery. :-)

From the Indian Railways POV,

look we gave you a website, learn to use it. Why do you need help? You never read the instruction manual anyway, why bother? Help is for sissies,anyway. :-)
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Well, I've passed the next milestone -- booked tickets several times so far. A few tips:

I just booked my e-tickets ystrdy (easy) and i-tickets today (slightly more challenging).

Another tip - even if it's applicable to you, don't click on the "Ladies" quota, use "General". Messes it up for some reason and bounces you out to the "Unable to Retrieve due to Communication failure" msg. At least, that was my experience....

If you're really fed up w/being rejected by a website (and don't want any of us IMers to know about your struggle), you can email them at [email] . They responded w/in 24 hrs to both my minor queries.
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Dear TamarainCayman,
I presume your visit to Hyderabad is ""on"". :-)
V.Srinivasa Prasad
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Yup! Right on. :D

Flying though, not train. Too far, not enough time.
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