leaving train before destination station?

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My family will be traveling by train from Mysore to Bangalore. We'd like to take Jaipur Express because the time suits us best. However, we cannot book seats for that leg of the journey (we're looking at 1AC or 2AC). However, there are berths available if we input a station further along the trip at Dharmavaram (DMM), past Bangalore. What if we reserved those tickets, but actually left the train at Bangalore? We are ok paying the extra money, but will we somehow get in 'trouble' for getting off early? Will they let us do it? Thanks so much!
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you will not have any problems i had done that many times..nobody will ask u far any reason for leaving the train ..but u'll have to pay the fare up to DMM.
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No, you can't board earlier, but there's no one to stop you from getting off earlier.

Have a good trip
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Don't waste your money or upset your travel plans, if you're going to book a train, then book the Tippu Express. (depending on what website you're using, you'll need to select either air con chair class (CC) or bookable 2nd class seat (2S) to find the train, it departs Mysore at 11:00 and gets to Bangalore at 13:30, 2S is a lot better than you'd imagine, fantastic value for money, and perfect for such a short journey, the open windows are a real bonus on a journey in this area, the climate is perfect, no need for the sealed windows in the air con classes.

The Mysore-Jaipur Express is a non-daily long distance train, and sometimes the incoming train can get delayed, if this happens, it has a knock-on effect for the outgoing train.

If you did want to take the Jaipur Express, the best thing to do is to turn up at the station an hour before the train departs, then buy a '2nd class unreserved superfast' ticket (one for each person travelling) to Bangalore, then search for the on-board ticket man (the TTE) and ask him to upgrade the tickets to whatever class you want, this train will run at least half empty (maybe 80-90%) to Bangalore.

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