Kerala Express vs Kanyakumari Express?
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Kerala Express vs Kanyakumari Express?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if there is any appreciable difference between these two trains? We are travelling from Ernakulam to Varkala and these two trains leave at similar times:

The Kerala Express leaves from Ernakulam Junction at 9.45 and takes 3h38m.

The Kanyakumari Express leaves from Ernakulam Town at 10.10 and takes 3h54m.

So not much in it really. Assuming I book the tickets well in advance, receive an E-ticket via email, and am coming from Fort Cochin by taxi/auto-rickshaw, is there any reason to pick one of these trains over the other? We will be travelling "2A" class.

Supplementary question - when you are asked to choose "upper", "lower", "inside" etc, what is the significance if travelling during the day? My wife and I would like window seats if possible, but that's our only criterion.

thanks for any advice.

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Lower berth is the window seat. Of course, for side berths, both are window seats.
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The Kerala Express starts it's journey in Delhi, and is a very reliable train, however, that's a long way to travel and delays can happen, the other train starts from Bangalore so would be a better option.
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By the way, this is a great opportunity to try Sleeper Class, both trains will run at about 30-40 % occupancy as most people get off at Ernakulam, go for a side upper or side lower berth in Sleeper Class and don't let those dreadful windows get in the way of your journey.
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Thanks very much for the replies.

Steven - Re: Sleeper class windows, do you mean that Sleeper class has (like your avatar) openable windows or just bars, while "2A" class has fixed windows, and that's not as good? I can certainly see the appeal of not having proper windows, and I'm not bothered about aircon at all, but wooden benches would be a bit hard on the bum for 4 hours, so I guess it's more comfy than that?

I should add that this is a daytime journey...

Sorry for the stupid questions - I'm an India virgin, so I know literally nothing but what I've picked up from the Rough Guide and (extremely useful) websites like this one.

Thanks again.
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Outstanding article Steven! Sold to the excited-looking man with the mile-wide grin. I'll buy our sleeper class tickets today.

Thanks again for the excellent advice.

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