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I have option to take eithe the night train or the early morning train from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer and I am quite split between the two.

Could people say (based on their experience which train should be preferred).
PS If I take the night train can I save on one day's hotel fare in Jodhpur (The check-out may be 12 noon but the night train is at 2325 and that seems too long to stay particularly with a small kid).
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Many prefer the night train to save time as well as hotel rent. There is a clean waiting room at the station. Altho the departure is at 23:25 the rake may be stationed at least an hour ealier.
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Here's a reply I done a while ago about the same subject, but it was for someone going in the other direction.

How much sleep can you get on a 6 hour journey? (trust me, not a lot) I was over an hour into the journey (in the opposite direction) before the train bloke brought the bedding.

The overnight train is the popular train mainly because people on a low budget or short holiday use it to save money/time, I don't think any of these things are an issue for you.

You will be losing the 2nd half of the afternoon, a sunset and a nice meal opportunity in Jaisalmer, could you really enjoy the evening if you have to catch a train later?

The afternoon spent on the train will be interesting (and who's to say that you wont witness a great sunset from the train), you will be able to walk through (and sit if you feel comfortable) Sleeper Class, then escape back to your 3A carriage later.

When in Jaisalmer you must visit Kanishka restaurant, it's a great restaurant, you can buy a stainless steel tiffin carrier from the market and get them to fill it with food for your train journey, it is a great experience to eat fantastic food whilst travelling through India on a train.

I took the morning passenger train (2nd unreserved only) from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, got talking to a group of locals and played cards for money, well chai actually, and I was always going to lose, so had to pay for 6 cups of Chai at local prices, I never felt uncomfortable or in any danger.

Arrival time.....(1)-You will arrive in Jaisalmer at 13:30, so a 24-hour hotel will want you out by that time on your departure date (though they are normally happy to look after your luggage), but a 23:15 departure starts to look a bit late when you have 9 or 10 hours withour a place to rest or to be alone. (other hotels may want you out by 10:00 in the morning)

Arrival time.....(2)-The overnight train arrives in Jodhpur at 05:15, you WILL want to find a hotel quickly, so will likely end up in a hotel that allows 24 hour booking, and your time will be up at about 6 in the morning on your day of departure, not a good idea as you want to depart on a train at 20:35.

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