IS A/C On when a Coach is changed between trains

#1 May 29th, 2005, 01:42
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I will taking the train 7603 (KCG SSPN EXP) from Gadwal (its about 200 kms west of hyderabad) to Hospet. We have reservations in 2AC coach.

The Hospet (our) coach from 7603 train will be attached to Amaravati Express, at Guntakal. There is three hour wait.

My question, during these three hours, when the coach is idling some where on the platform on in the yard, will the A/C be working????.

If the A/C is not working, i might as well change my reservation to S/L class.

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I will certainly defer to Stephen on this. However, in my lone experience at this lofty level the AC was off when the train wasn't moving. I complained but..
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a/c on trains

consider yourself lucky if they work at all in first place.
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Originally Posted by dosadi consider yourself lucky if they work at all in first place.
That's an exaggeration. AC's on trains work well, barring the stray incidents of AC failure.


The AC will be switched off during the long three hour break at Guntakal.
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I'd say have a hike along the platform during the break, or around town even if you can be reasonably certain it won't leave without you. I'm not being cynical either. Better than to sit in an AC compartment for three hours right? Hyderabad - Hospet is not very far anyway so sleeper might do. Then again I never took anything higher than sleeper class mind you. Oh whoops I see you got an extra 200 kms haha, well it'd be that much longer then
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Originally Posted by SHIMLA The AC will be switched off during the long three hour break at Guntakal.
Yes, that's right, but there are still various options available to take the pain out of waiting:

1/ Walk up and down the platform, and find a seat in a breeze.

2/ As a 2-tier A/C ticket holder, you are entitled to use the 'First Class' or 'Upper Class' waiting rooms - these can be quite pleasant, a haven away from the crowds if administered properly. Some even have showers that you are free to use. If it is locked, ask the station master for the key.

3/ Guntakal has retiring rooms: 1 x AC Double at 200rs, 4 x Non AC Doubles at 50rs, and 2 x Non AC Singles at 30rs. As the holder of a ongoing ticket, you are entitled to purchase one of these, if your budget allows and they are available.

Tim Makins
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Your carriage/s is at Guntakal from 03:30 till 06:15, so not a lot of options available, hopefully you will be asleep.

There is another option, though it's not great.

Train 7429 departs Raichur daily at 23:15 and gets to Guntakal at 02:10, some 2AC & SL coaches are taken from this train and attached to train 7415, this train departs at 02:45 and gets to Hospet at 05:10.

Raichur is 50 Kms west of Gadwal along a direct road.

As I said, not a great option.
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Even though the AC goes off the carriage remains cool for a long time. If you're asleep you might not even notice it!!
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They will be on platform 5. after reaching GTL. the UBL bound coaches are detatched and are parked on pf 5. Within 15 minutes the rest of the YPR bound 7603 leaves GTL in the opposite direction.

The 7225 /7227 Amaravathi comes on Platform 6. The Dp4 leaves the rake, coems up to pf 5, picks up the Kcg coaches, comes back to pf6 and attaches them to the rest of the train. After about 10 minutes, the 21-coach strong Amaravathi departs GTL.

Yes, the AC will be on for the hour or so; you will be spending at GTL waiting for the 7225; And yes, you will have all the time in the world to eat
omellettes, idli wada, dosa puri, and can even go to the MG section and check out the old steam crane parked in one ofthe sidings and the old steam shed; and the 100 year old FOB on the MG line..

i got the above exceelent reply form the IRFCA. There are excellent train buffs in that forum, so if anyof you want some difficult info, you can try that forum.

Special thanks to praveen of IRFCA.

good luck

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