Information required for extending journey...
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Information required for extending journey...

Hi All,

I have ticket (e-ticket) to Ahmedabad for 14th August and its RAC as of now, my question is :

(1) Is there a way to extend the ticket right now ? I want to extend it to Rajkot (RJT).. If there is a way to do then please let me know.

(2) I can get this ticket extended from the TTE while travelling but I don't know the rules for that even. 2 days back I paid 101 per ticket for extending it for just 80 kms :confused: . So if there is any rule then let me know that as well.

Thanks all in advance.
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You cannot get an extension, unless you enter the Train. Even while extending the ticket, actual fare will be collected from you, subject to minimum fare prescribed.

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