Indian Train Journey Stories

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Do any of you have interesting/funny/horrific/outrageous stories from your experience of train travel in India? What class did you travel? What people did you meet? Did you enjoy it?

I'm getting excited about my first trip to India and just thought this might be interesting!!

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Madness on the train!!!

We had a shocker on our 46 hour journey down to Goa.
This man got on the train at 2am the first night, turned all the lights on (we were in 3AC) and proceeded to have a screaming match with his companion about who would have the bottom bunk (his friend with the lame leg lost).
He then started the kind of snoring you only see on those latenight tv programmes, it was supernatural the volume coming from this man.

We had this for 8 hours, then at 10am he was forced awake so we could move the middle bunk up and sit down, he was then kind enough to fall asleep in the sitting position and keep snoring?!?!?!?!?!??!

I have never wanted to hurt anyone but this man damn near broke me!
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India !
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#4 Oct 6th, 2004, 21:35
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In 1984 I was travelling from Bangalore to Delhi the old Indian "first class" 2 berth cabin and you could pull down the shutters on the corridor windows which run the length of the train. The train was pulling in to a station in the middle of the night. When I looked out there were thousands and thousands of people on the platform with hundreds of uniformed people with rifles so I quickly moved into my cabin and locked the cabin door and shutters. Soon they were knocking at the door "let us in, we know you have space in there!" and I said in my very English manner "we booked this cabin, go and contact the conductor". There was more banging but after half an hour they gave up. When I woke up in the morning, the corridors were empty! I thought, did I dream this but then I thought, no, don't be silly. When I got to Delhi, I found out we had gone through the "Bhopal Disaster" where 40 tonnes of deadly methyl icocyanide gas leaked over Bhopal town. Obviously when I found this out, I felt really terrible because they were just trying to get away from this disaster. This was about 7 hours after the leak over the town. Anyhow, that night I became extremely sick with the usual Delhi belly and I couldn't even drink water without being sick which was extremely worrying because of the incident at Bhopal but I called the doctor and he said it was just an upset stomach. After 5 days in bed I decided to carry on the next train journey from Delhi to Jodphur then Jaisalmer even though I didn't feel like travelling again by train. I was still feeling rough but I was bored just lying feeling sorry for myself so we boarded the night train to Jodphur, but to my utmost horror, they had extremely loud music going through the speakers. Normally I don't mind but, feeling rather ill, it was like needles going through my head. We asked the conductor if it was possible to switch it off but he said no so, being a typical English hooligan, I snipped the wires! We changed trains at Jodhpur for the Jaisalmer train and when I opened the carriage door to the first class compartment, to my horror, the toilets had been blocked and it all came pouring out. I have never seen so many "larry logs" in all my life so I went to the station master's office and asked for the complaint book. He replied "you cannot put a complaint in the book until you have completed the journey" which to my great shame, I replied "how F! can I complete the journey with all that mess in there"! He then agreed to get the cabin cleaned but by this time I felt so ill again, I didn't get on the train until the next day. When I got to Jaisalmer the jeep was full up so I had to get on the roof which wasn't too bad what with it being a very dusty train journey, I paid the taxi driver the fare to town and he said he wouldn't drop me off at the Fort View Hotel so I said could you give me my money back and I'll walk. He then agreed to take me there. We got into town OK but no Fort View so I insisted he take me there. He said "no" again so I replied "if I have to get down off this f****ing roof again you'll be in trouble". Then this lady poked her head out from down below and said "is it necessary for the foul language?". To my great shame I said "you can "F" off as well!". The reason for telling all this is I'd like to apologise to the lady for such bad language if by chance she may read this! Then 2 weeks later I was staying in a hotel in Udaipur sipping a beer when the same lady came in, saw me, and said "we're not staying here, that thing is here!". This is why I love India!
Tony Little
#5 Oct 6th, 2004, 22:22
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Great story Tony...
#6 Oct 7th, 2004, 12:19
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Not my personal story, but thought I would post it here because this is a recent true story.

Biscuit bandits strike, rob three on Kurla Express
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We had a nightmare flight connection from Bangkok to Delhi, which meant that we couldn't get to our preferred hotel in Delhi. We spent a cold and expensive night in a dive of a place, and then took off for Udaipur the next day. My teenage kids were most irritated with events up to this point, and this irritation was compounded by the fact that this train was to travel over New Years Eve - with all their friends back at home having parties. We had been going only about 10 minutes, and suddenly, on the outskirts of Delhi, the train stopped (not at a station). Wondering, we looked out the window, and to our horror saw a woman lying across the tracks, her body nearly cut in two. At this point the kids were all for going back to Thailand, and forgetting India altogether. However we reached the delightful Udaipur, and the rest is history (fantastic history).
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There have been previous threads on this topic...and some experiences sound downright scary (Bhopal...yikes!) but all my experiences on the Indian train have been good ones! Great food, the yell of the chai wallah, meeting wonderful people (in 3AC, was June and I couldn't face NO AC !)
Our kids thought the ride from Shimla to Kalka was the most fun, but they loved sharing snacks with Indian families, practicing their Hindi, giving chapatis and bananas to the child beggars, and being free to climb and roam the train. We have travelled by train often at home, but the Indian trains are an experience not to be missed! (OK, the Bhopal story is the exception)

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