Indian Summer Vacation.. Analyze This !
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Indian Summer Vacation.. Analyze This !

Greetings Fellas !

The Great Indian Summer has always been intriguing. And more so of late, because I think things have bloated out of proportion here a bit. Lets Analyze!

You are 25, Male, Single, and trying to prove that you can be something. In the month of June in the year 2010, you know there's the country returning from holidays and humongous amounts of weddings, which directly signify that the Indian Railways network is going to be packed till the brim. You also know that during weekends people travel more. And loaded with all this information you sentimentalize with every one who has to travel during such time.

But then something happens somewhere, and you find out on the friday (first week of June), that you have to go to that dream place to attend that dream job interview. And to make the dream a reality, you'd have to leave on Saturday or Sunday at the max (Journey time 24 Hours by train, you live in a princely village settlement).

Your financial condition not being at its optimum level, you can not afford Air Travel (The same crowd as the Railway's makes the tickets more than INR 6000 from anywhere to anywhere on short notice). The distance is too much (2000 Km's) to go by road. And the only path to salvation is through those tracks on which you, along with many others, have taken a dump on numerous occasions.

So there you are. Trying to travel by Indian Railway's under the above circumstances.

Here's what you'd think of doing first :

1. Search IRCTC and Railways website to find WL278 or Regret

2. Check the tatkal quota, but the booking for Sunday started at 0800 AM in the morning and finished at 08:04 AM, while you were comfortably asleep on your lovely bed on the friday morning, not even dreaming that the dream interview might call soon.

3. Call numerous travel agent's. But they are in demand and they got nothing for you. Except some tickets which want you to travel under phony identity's, lets just say you do not like that idea. So agent's are out.

4. Disappointed, but not Disheartened, you Book that waiting ticket (if available, but lets consider it doesn't move to RAC) or take a general ticket and board the Sleeper compartment like the many others, and leave it all in the hands of the lord.
The ticket checker does not pester you much. You Sleep in the galley on beautiful pictures of Katrina and Bipasha, Arrive fresh and delightful at your destination, ready to crack that Interview !

So now ! I request the India Mike community to please chip in their Tips and Tricks on what to do in situations like these.
I have not traveled much, and have written how I'd handle the situation above.

Lets dream away !

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Steven , I have read your articles. Loads of Information. Thanks for those write up's.

I understand that you ask the Points of travel, It may be relevant, but the situation I wrote, might happen to any one at any part of this country. I wish to know if there's any alternative other than defaming Katrina .. [happy]

Since you ask, Lets consider long distance metro high density routes from South to North

1. Mumbai - Delhi
2. Bangalore / Hyderabad - Delhi
3. Chennai - Delhi

I personally had to travel Hyd - Delhi when it happened to me.
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Parashock1, welcome to IM!

A good entry, I should say ;) !
Did you wear the other person's shoe today? :goodluck:
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Thanks indracal !

But the question still lingers unanswered. Probably there is no other way out.
But wait, I heard of something called "Current Reservation", Any one know what it means and how it works ?

How long before the train departure can I book ?
Where to book ?
Any extra charges ?
Which trains ?
Any one with first hand experience to share ?

Any info is appreciated.
Thank's !

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