I was robbed!
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I was robbed!

I have just booked my train tickets from Delhi to Agra. It took a grand total of about 90 seconds, including the time for me to register for Verified by Visa. Payment gateway worked first time and everything! [whoa]

Just as I was frantically writing down my transaction code, the screen began to change. Aha, I thought, here is where it all goes wrong. But no, as the screen refreshed, an email dropped in my inbox with the PNR, transaction reference - even the seat numbers have been allocated.

What's going on? I was expecting a full two hours of frustration and a proper introduction to the Indian experience of trying to organise a short trip! :mad:

Still, it bodes well for the rest of the bookings. If I can do it from my desk at lunchtime, that suits me!

PS I used the "CITI PG" payment gateway.

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That's disgusting, robbing you of vital booking frustrations and robbing indiamike of a new contributor to reply to the endless number of frustrated IRCTC customers.

We'll have to write to IRCTC toexpress our concerns.;)

Well done.
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How dare an Indian government system behave so efficiently? It must be because they took the "babus" out of the handling process and replaced them with mindless machines who do not have to eat paan, drink their chai, scratch their butt, nose and ears, read the newspaper and scream at their peons :)

Wow, IT does work, doesn't it?

Cheers for the good news. Now, if only we can make the Indian traffic, road habits also efficient.

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I was busy explaining all the pitfalls to my partner, about how it would take ages and the payment would fail etc and he said "But it's India. IT is what they do!". Slight over-simplification perhaps, but it would seem they've got their act together - today at least...

Who knows what will happen with the next lot of tickets I try to book!
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Who knows what will happen with the next lot of tickets I try to book!
Sorry to break the news, but the entire system is designed to lull unsuspecting customers into a false sense of security... :D

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Ho, ho, pretty funny. I felt the same way the first time I walked through the "Green Line" in Customs and wasn't hassled..
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And we might be in for another disappointment as well if they reply in 2 hours time! :)

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We'll have to write to IRCTC toexpress our concerns.;)

Well done.
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Yep, I agree with Haylo: they are just getting you hooked for the long hours of frustration ahead!

Seriously, when the site works, it is great. When it doesn't, it is a steaming heap of stinking doggy dung!
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Can you tell me what site you used to book your tickets with please?
Going from Delhi to Agra too. what class did you book?

Could this be done for Margao to Hampi trip?
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Ali I booked through the usual IRCTC site. I booked 1AC. I see no reason why it couldn't be used for your trip - have you been able to check out the thread about using IRCTC?
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I, too, have had nothing but good experiences booking rail tickets from abroad using irctc.com, 4 tickets total in the last couple of months. I was wondering what I had done wrong. ;) Of course, now I'm worried what the future holds as I've definitely been lulled into that security y'all have been talking about.
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I felt robbed in Delhi when I got in a tuk tuk and the guy quoted me 20 rs to my hotel. When I got there he never asked me for more money and was very reluctant to take a tip. A first for me. I expected a heated fight for 20 seconds or so -- quite disapointing :)
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Hi Ali,
Going from Delhi to Agra too. what class did you book?

For this short route, depending on the time of year, SL is more than adequate. You also get the benefit of being able to look out of the windows (which is often difficult in the AC coaches).

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I know what train and where from and class ect but I was going to wait till I got there to book tickets. If this IRCTC is ok then I might book now.
We want the train for 27th December ish...so I am assuming its going to be busy.
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Hmmm. Another one successfully booked. I am beginning to suspect you lot are fibbing me to me to try and preserve the mystique of India. ;)