HWH - YPR Duronto
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HWH - YPR Duronto

Can somebody please tell me the route that the HWH-YPR Duronto traces? Does it go via Hyderabad or Chennai or some other route?

Swaroop Rao

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On another discussion a person posted the following (this will give you an idea of the route):

this train rocks i boarded this train on 21st during the laila time it reached kjm on time but took nearly an hour to reach yesvantpur it reached bbsr at 3pm rajahmundry at 2:30am bza at 5am katpadi at 1:30pm bangarpet at 2:30pm and kjm at 4pm many alighted there u can easily alight but yeswantpur it reached at 4:40 pm the train almost covered the distance from renigunta to bangarpet at 110 km/h.

The link to that site is:


Another person in the same link wrote:

Though it is a non stop train , it stopped at Jajpur, Bhubaneshwar, Vizianagaram, North Simachalam, Duvvada, Vijayawada, Renigunta, KR Puram and Hebbal.

A third person wrote on the same link:

This is how the approx timings of 2245 between HWH and YPR
Kgp -1235
bls - 1400
bhc - 1445
jjkr- 1515
ctc - 1615
bbs - 1700-1705(Slack time of 10 mins)
kur - 1720
bam- 1905
pls- 2000
skr- 2055
vzn- 2145
dvd- 2310(Slack time of 10 mins)
rjy - 0125
bza- 0350--400
ogl - 0545
nlr- 0715
gdr - 0800(Slack time of 15 mins)
ru - 0915-0920
kpd - 1145
jtj - 1245
bgr - 1350
kjm - 1440
ypr - 1600(Slack time of 30-35 mins).


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nope - hwh-ypr duronto does not stop in either hyderabad or chennai, swaroop.

just for the record - this is one of the best trains i have had a ride on... hwh-ypr.
the ETA [expected time of arrival] moreoftenthanot - dot on time... if not half an hour early.
all food / snacks / chai costs are included in the price of the ticket.
they have this boy with a broom stick [railway staff on the train] who keeps cleaning up.
the service of them pantry boys are exemplary [at least, of the 2 who were on my train]
the food - heck, its train food - guess its ok. [i dont eat/drink on a train journey. usually bring along some junk food]

the only negative for me was... they dont have a continous flow of chai/coffee :(
its served only with breakfast / evening snacks / wake-up cuppa.

yes, it is a non-stop train.
they 'why's' of them 6 stops [as with all them 'stops' in other non-stop trains] has been discussed at length in another thread.
as usual - i have no idea which one.

thats quite a site, nattusbs. :ThumbsUp


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yes, it is a non-stop train.
they 'why's' of them 6 stops i have no idea which one.

##The 2245/2246 HWH-YPR Duronto has got "technical" stops in Renigunta, Vijayawada, North Simhachalam and Khurda Road, where the crew changes.

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