How RAC tickets progresses to confirmation ?

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I have a small doubt in this RAC tickets.
Say i have RAC 50, so most of the cases the these 50 people will be sharing the side lower seats. So if say just 25 people cancel , will I get a confirmed berth ?
Ie in the 50 people, 25 move to the cancelled berth hence the person sharing me might gone hence - i would get a confirmed berth. Is this the logic ?
If say 25 people cancel, then only first 25 RAC people get a confirmed berth. The remaining 25 people will be joined by the next 25 people to share the berth and 24 waiting list people might become RAC . Kindly explain this process.

Thanks & Regards,
Sam .
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Dear Sam,

Once the Quota earmarked for confirmed bookings gets exhausted the RAC will start, such as, RAC.1/RAC, RAC.2/RAC.2 and so on.
After reaching RAC.50/RAC.50, assume that 25 passengers above you in RAC have cancelled, then the next man will get his ticket as RAC.51/RAC.26, and so on.
Once the Limit fixed for RAC,say 100 is touched, namely, RAC.125/RAC.100, the RAC will be closed and the GNWL will start and it will go like GNWL.1/GNWL.1 and so on.
Assume that NOT a single passenger from among the Passengers having Confirmed Berth, has cancelled, then the scenario will be:

All the 100 passengers in RAC will be given Seats on the side lower berths, as per the following procedure: (**This is only an example, please and also please note the SLBs 7,15,23,31 are NOT earmarked for RAC Passengers)

##The intention of PRS for making allotment in this manner, is to protect the seniority in the ORIGINAL RAC List, even while alloting the Seats on SLBs.
##The PRS also keeps all the passengers IN THE SAME PNR IN THE SAME COACH.
##Assume for a while, you are in SLB.55, your partner in the SLB has not turned up, you can simply enjoy the berth for yourself, irrespective of the fact that those occupying seats in 39 & 47 in the same coach do not get confirmed, after the departure of the train.
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Can rac ticket could be confirmed?

i want to know that,can RAC tickets could be confirmed if yes how to can i know that and what has to be done to avail the confirmation.
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RAC tickets can be confirmed if any confirmed ticket holder cancels their ticket or does not board the train. There is nothing that you can do to ensure confirmation of RAC tickets.
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Originally Posted by charudutta View Post i want to know that,can RAC tickets could be confirmed if yes how to can i know that and what has to be done to avail the confirmation.
Be on the train!
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confirmation is an automatic process. your berth confirmation will happen only after the chart is printed for the train. there is nothing you can or need to do.

two hours before the train departure, send a SMS to 139 with the following text PNR (your pnr number here).
if your berth is confirmed, you will get the details of that confirmation.

or you can go to the station, and check the charts or use the machines for the same information.

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