Help in TDR for partially waitlisted ticket
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Help in TDR for partially waitlisted ticket

Hi.. I am new to this forum and so please forgive me if I am posting this in a wrong place.

I had booked a ticket for me, my wife and my mom from Chennai central[MAS] to Alwaye[AWY] on May 13,2013 on Chennai Trivandrum Mail [Train number 12623] in 3 AC and the original status of the ticket was PQWL 27,28,29. Me and my wife had another confirmed ticket on the same day from the same place to the same destination on Chennai Alleppey Express [Train number 16041] in sleeper class. When the charting was done, only my mothers ticket was confirmed and me and my wife were listed as WL 12 and 13. So we 2 travelled by our other confirmed ticket on chennai alleppey express. My mother had informed the TTE that onlly she was travelling, but the TTE did not issue any certificate for TDR, and she knowing not otherwise did not pursue the matter. But when I filed for TDR, i got a reply after one month[last week] saying the ticket is not eligible for TDR as the original certificate from TTE is missing. Can i appeal against this showing i had travelled on the same day from the same place on a different train? I stand losing almost 2000 Rs and it was not that the TTE was not informed about our not travelling. Is there any way i can recover the money??? Please help

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Can someone please help me?? :( :(
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It will be extremely difficult to claim a refund without a "Not Traveled" certificate from the TTE. Now the onus is on you to claim that you indeed did not travel. This was done by IR because there have been plenty of cases where claims have been made on tickets that have been used (some right here on this forum), just because the TTE did not visit the coach to check tickets.

The fact that you had a ticket for another train may make it easier, but also longer and more complicated for the pea brains manning the refunds section. If these were counter booked tickets and not e-tickets, it would help making a trip to the IR TDR refunds office of your Divisional Railway.
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:LightBulb Ticket Deposit Receipt. As usual I had to look that up!

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