Getting a Refund from Indian Railways - Help!

#1 Nov 23rd, 2007, 06:08
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Hi All
Have booked a couple of e-tickets successfully via, but yesterday, when I tried (twice!) to book tickets, I got all the way to the payment stage, then received an error message, saying my reservation could not be processed. They advised the money debited from my account would be credited to me. Yikes!!! They've deducted a total of over 11,000 INR from my credit card, and I have no reservation or tickets to show for it.
Has anyone experienced this before? I sent them an email but received no reply. Not too comfortable having large sums of money deducted from my account, and receiving nothing in return. Will they refund the money, or am I in for a long, protracted hassle? Reason I ask, is that I have to book more tickets, and I'm nervous about encountering the same issue. Can't keep throwing good money after bad....!
Any/all advice gratefully appreciated.
#2 Nov 23rd, 2007, 06:41
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Jaz, much the same thing happened to me. It usually takes a few days for the repayment to show in your credit card account especially if you attempt the payment on a Thursday or Friday.Note that sometimes the transaction never takes place so that they don't need to make a refund!

Just be persistent and I suggest that you go for E tickets which you can print out yourself - not from the email message that IRCTC will send you but it has to be done through the IRCTC site after you have signed in. Check on booked tickets and then you have to give your ID (usually passport number) then you have permission to print since only you would know your passport number.

Also it does help to do the booking about lunchtime (our time) soon after the office in Delhi opens.

Might see you on the tracks.
#3 Nov 23rd, 2007, 08:23
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Hey tstan - thanx for that. The payment has definitely been deducted by the railways and yes, it was for e-tickets. I've successfully booked a few already, but have never encountered this problem before. Guess I'll just wait (and hope!) the refund comes thru ok. Bit nervy 'bout booking up any more in the meantime tho. Might wait a bit and see what happens first. Thanx for the info.
#4 Nov 23rd, 2007, 12:40
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My refund has come several might take couple of days...however it does roll back..
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#5 Nov 23rd, 2007, 13:34
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Don't worry. Indian Railway will never take away with your money. You will get back in your account.
#6 Nov 23rd, 2007, 23:14
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you get refund on cancelled tickets and also notified to your e-mail of the refund and how much the refund is and advised by them to check that the money has been debited to your account.
we have been refunded money a few time.
good luck!
#7 Nov 24th, 2007, 01:01
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I had many mishaps on the online always came back and an email too. does take time...they always have a big list of refunds each day.
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#8 Dec 13th, 2008, 14:00
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Post Railway refund

I had booked a ticket from Delhi to Kanpur for 2AC. Due to non availability of 2AC coach, my reservation downgraded to 3AC. I have submitted my written request alongwith original ticket to General Manager (Operation) IRCTC, New Delhi on 11.3.2008 for refund of difference of amount between 2AC & 3AC. I have not received my refund or even an acknowledgement, till today. The ticket/ booking details are as under:

PNR No. 244 5971927 - Transaction ID 0037431829
Train No. 2452 - Shram Shakti Exp
New Delhi to Kanpur(CNB) Date: 14/2/2008
Class 2A downgraded to 3A

I have written my complaint to Railway Minster, Rail Bhavan and hand over to his office on 25.11.2008. I have also handed over one copy to Chief Commercial Manager, Baroda House, New Delhi on 25.11.2008 and Sr Consultant, IRCTC, Internet Ticketing Centre, Railway Reservation Complex, New Delhi. Till today I have not received any reply or acknowledgement from any of the above offices.

Will you please let me know as to why Railway is not refunding/ responding to my letters?
robins tharakan
#9 Dec 13th, 2008, 14:42
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Will you please let me know as to why Railway is not refunding/ responding to my letters?
We don't know.

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#10 Apr 25th, 2009, 04:12
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When they claim to have refunded, and haven't ... ?

hey, good to know that people have had refunds. I can't find any comments similar to my situation, which is refunds for tickets in December 08. I cancelled a few tickets in order to rebook on different days, and also there were Toy Train tickets in Darjeeling that IRCTC was selling when the train hasn't actually run in quite some time !! My account shows the tickets as cancelled. IRCTC have been saying since Jan that they refunded the money - if this is true, someone else has the benefit, as it's not in my account. They have now stopped replying to my emails.

Does anyone know any other avenues to sort this out?


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