Garib Rath - Yeshvanthpur (Bangalore) to Secunderabad and vice versa

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Hi All,

Can someone help me with the positions of berths 22, 24, 43, 44 and 47 in GARIB RATH from YPR to SC and vice-versa.

Also your valuable experience when traveling with toddlers (2 year old) in GARIB RATH.

It will be great to list out all the positions of all the berths of GARIB RATH for the good of all members of IndiaMike.

Thanks in advance,
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Here's an 'educated' guess, I hope someone who's used the train replies with better info.

I'll guess that you'll be travelling in 3-tier air con, for some reason many Indian people don't feel it necessary to include the class they'll be travelling in.

The following diagram is the layout of a Sleeper Class carriage (from another thread), a 3-tier air con carriage is the same length, but has one less section (only 64 seats/berths), so the side berths are a little longer, A Garib Rath 3-tier air con carriage also has side middle berths.

In normal 3A carriages, the numbering is as follows (same as in Sleeper Class diagram)

Berth 1 = lower berth
Berth 2 = middle berth
Berth 3 = upper berth

Berth 4 = lower berth
Berth 5 = middle berth
Berth 6 = upper berth

Berth 7 = side lower berth
Berth 8 = side upper berth

But with the introduction of side middle berths in the Garib Raths, 1 - 6 should remain the same, then.....

Berth 7 = side lower berth
Berth 8 = side middle berth
Berth 9 = side upper berth

So....(remember, 9 berths to a section)

22 should be a lower berth.
24 should be an upper berth. (above 22)
43 should be a side lower berth. (2 sections away from 22 & 24)
44 should be a side middle berth. (above 43)
47 should be a middle berth. (1 sections away from 43 & 44)

But as I said at the start, It's only a guess, I could be wrong.

It will be great to list out all the positions of all the berths of GARIB RATH for the good of all members of IndiaMike.
Garib Rath trains have been introduced at different times, some with new carriages, some with converted carriages, but many of the carriages have a different number of seats/berths, so many diagrams would be needed.
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Dear Steven,

Please note the 3A Coaches of 2735 have got 78 Berths including SMBs.

4..SLB/5....SMB/6...SUB, and hence,
78....SUB...............22, 24, 43, 44 and 47
##As such, 22 is SLB;24....SUB;

##Other points:

**There is no Pantry car in 2735/2746
**The Bed Rolls are supplied on payment basis for ALL the passengers
**The Coaches are damn clean
**The SC-YPR GR is normally on time (**I have trvelled)
**The YPR-SC GR, sometimes gets delayed.
#4 Nov 2nd, 2008, 10:45
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Hi VSP and Steve,

Excellento. Thanks so much for your replies. I finally got rid of 43 and 44 berth reservation based on your inputs. I have retained 22 and 24. When I made reservation, I did twice since I was unsure which berths would be allotted. Based on my experience with GR online reservation I think the best thing is to not make any choice mandatory at least one, two lower berths and all be berths in the same coach.

Thanks so much VSP and Steve

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