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davi Sep 28th, 2005 16:37

From Delhi to Darjeeling by train
Me and a friend of mine are traveling this december to india. First plan is to go straight from delhi to new jalpaiguri on the 3rd December. Should we have any problem to get train tickets once we arrive there or should we be booked in advanced. We live in Barcelona. Any help?! :confused:

steven_ber Sep 28th, 2005 16:49

Hi davi and welcome to

Train 2424 departs New Delhi on the 3rd at 14:00 and gets to New Jalpaiguri at 11:10 the following day.

This is the Rajdhani Express, one of India's premier trains, all meals are included in the price.

Fares (all air con)

First Class = Rs 4295
2-tier = Rs 2295
3-tier = Rs 1535

Book the tickets over the internet next week and have them delivered to your Delhi hotel.

Booking Indian Rail tickets from abroad: A Beginnerís Guide.

aahlberg Sep 28th, 2005 17:19

Get the tickets via internet, if you can
Some friends have done it and say that it was fine

aahlberg Sep 28th, 2005 17:24

good luck! ;) :D

davi Sep 29th, 2005 00:04

Thanks for your answer. The thing is that we are not going to stay over in delhi. So, no hotel booking will be required. How should We do?

steven_ber Sep 29th, 2005 01:04

Look further down the 'Booking Indian train from abroad' thread, it seems to be possible to collect your tickets in Delhi if you exchange e-mails with irctc. (see post 114 in that thread)

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