e-ticket or i-ticket?
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e-ticket or i-ticket?


I notice that the online train reservation system (http://www.irctc.co.in/ ) offer e-ticket and i-ticket. For e-ticket, the ticket will be delivered to an address in India. For the i-ticket, it seems that we just need to print out the ticket from the web browser.

Do I still need to collect any tickets when I am in India if I am booking using the i-tickets?


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its vice-versa...

I-tickets are delivered and E-tickets are to be printed...

No you do not need to collect anything of you have the valid E-ticket and an ID proof..
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e-ticket or i-ticket?

The advantage of e-ticket is that you can cancell the ticket through net but incase of i-ticket you need to visit the railway reservation counter.
Another advantage of E-Ticket is that, it covers only the Tickets with Confirmed/ RAC Status. No head-ache of Waiting List!!!
The dis-advantage is that: If you cancel an E-Ticket after Charting, then there would be some delay in crediting the amount back into your Bank Account.

Another dis-advantage is: If the group-leader whose ID Card particulars were furnished at the time of booking, is unable to perform the journey for any reason, then the tickets of the entire group would get cancelled, in other words, partial cancellation is NOT allowed under E-Ticketing.
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Thanks for the reply. I would most likely be getting e-tickets.

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