Depart in 2 weeks for India, first time.
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Depart in 2 weeks for India, first time.

Thank you first for such a wonderful site. The end of Feb. I'll depart for India arriving in Delhi and have had trouble interpreting train and airline schedules. I would like to go directly from Delhi to Dharamsala without spending time in Delhi; I’ll do that at a later date. I am open to flying or taking a train, however have not been able to understand Internet timetables available in my search. Secondly, I would like to attend the Dhrupad Mela Music Festival in Varanasi, March 6/8.

Does anyone know train/air schedule from Delhi to Dharamsala? How available is ticketing once in India, for example can I buy a train/air ticket immediately after International arrival in Delhi? I’ll be arriving early, early morning as I remember. How difficult is it to get from Dharamsala to Varanasi? Has anyone been to the Dhrupad Mela Music Festival in Varanasi? Any hotel suggestions once in Varanasi?

After Varanasi my schedule is open, with about 4 weeks to discovery. I’ve thought of going to Khajuraho, Ellora & Ajanta for example. Any other suggestions?

Let me thank everyone in advance, although I’ll probably have a few more questions before I’m finished.

Again, thanks!

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Hi Lagamar,
I don't remember there being a train from Delhi to Dharmshala. It is a long bus ride from Delhi. I tried going there last year but was cramped on time. I did go to Manali though. Dharmshala is a 12 hour bus ride from Manali and Manali is about a 16 hour drive from Delhi. If you want to cut down on bus travel, you can fly Jagson airways from Delhi to Bhuntar. Bhuntar is about 50 km from Manali - not too far. You could probably take a bus from Manali to Dharmshala.

Here are a few suggestions as far as places to visit in your 4 weeks of discovery:

a) Agra (Taj Mahal)
b) Jaipur (the city of absolutely gorgeous palaces)
c) Jaisalmer (Golden fortress, camel safari on the sand dunes)
d) Goa (former Portuguese colony, exotic beaches, lotta partying)
e) Kerala (beaches and backwaters)
f) Darjeeling

The places above should give you a diverse mix of experiences in India. Hope you have an awesome trip there.

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thats a long route.
there are buses from delhi to dharamshala. 12 hours
Himachal Tourism
36, Chanderlok Building, Janpath
New Delhi
Phone - 0091 11 23325320, 23324764. Fax 0091 11 23731072
Distance is 525 km.
Fare INR 450
Departure 1900 hrs
Non AC 2X2
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hi there,,,i have done this trip more times then i would like to remember and you can take a train for all but the last three hours of your journey to dharmasala.i just can not remember what the city( khangra, i think) is that yuou stop at and from there take a taxi.but you can easily find this out in delhi either at the train station or at any of the travel agents. and a suggestion for you if you are thinking about takeing this train ride is to get the first class with a small room and bed cant remember what they call this, but it is wonderful to sleep when taking this long 13hr journey!!!!and from the the last stop the taxi is nothing. i have done the bus many times and it's not to bad either best place to stay if you will be wanting to just jump on the first bus would be Majunu Katilla the tibetian colony,they have mnay buses going from there to dharamsala everyday and know all there is to know about your trip. and if you want to take the train then stay at Main bazar,Pharaganj...right next to the train station and just go to the train station and go up stairs to the tourist area and ask away and they get you there no problem. and you may want to hit manali on your way out of the's so beautiful i would hate you to miss it.enjoy....and a whole group of us will be ariveing in delhi on the 22nd of feb so if you need any other help just ask!cheers....
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Thank you so much! I like your advice on the train and will work in this direction. Will you overnight in Delhi (from your International arrival) before departing to Dharamasala? If so, where? Which hotel do you recommend in Delhi?

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we will be in delhi for about a week and then on to manali where i have friends and family,i wont be going to dharmasala tp another two months.

as for where to stay in delhi totally depends on how much you want to spend and it you want to be in the bazar or maybe a little off the path on arakshna rd.(just five minutes from the train station and less crazy then main bazar on the same road as train station.)if you will just be sleeping and moving on as sonn as possible then really just stay on pharaganj,main bazar this gives you close access to the station and shopping and other tourist,food and email.and in this case again you could stay anywhere from 200-1000 Rs per the low end stay at the "star paradise"around 350 for a single with no AC and it is a nice place for a good price and easy to find just look for the big banner above the street.but even better you can resurve ahead and they will pick you up from the airport and take you right to the place for about 400Rs taxi ride and so worth it when it's your first time to have someone there waiting fo you. the website isstar paridisei would call them as well to really make sure they got the email.if this doesn't work for yo then i am sure you will find any number of sutable hotels in the area.
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Thanks again Shantivibes! However, the web address didn't come through, can you try again?

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Take the overnight train form Delhi to Pathankot and then cab it to D'sala. You also have the option of using the "toy" train from Pathankot to Kangra, passing through the picturesque Kangra valley; provided you have the time and the inclination. From Kangra its just 35 kms. to D'sala by road.

From Pathankot its a 28 hours journey by a direct train to Varanasi.
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