Courier Delivery of Traintickets
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Courier Delivery of Traintickets


I have learned a lot about the Indian trainsystem by reading the posts here in IndiaMike, really great!

One thing that I could not find out is the following: If I order tickets using the indianrail online reservation and ordering system ( ) I have to enter a delivery-adress in India, or pick them up in Dehli.

I want to have them delivered to my hotel in Mumbai (Bentleys Hotel), but I noticed some sites mentioning that I have to have an signed authorisation for the courier that the Person is allowed to accept the tickets on my behalve.

Did somebody do this before? Was is your experience and how did you do it?

Thanks allot!

Cheers, Martijn

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I got in contact with my hotel by email asking if they would take collection of my ticket and requesting a contact name/position at the hotel. When they replied saying 'yes' and giving me this information I then replied with an authorisation to collect email in which I gave the train booking reference number and the contact name at the hotel along with a confirmation that I was happy for this person to collect the ticket on my behalf.

The ticket got delivered about a week after I booked it on-line and the hotel even emailed me back to say the tickets were locked in their safe awaiting my arrival! It was a really painless process - despite my reservations that it would all go wrong!

Hope you have the same luck!
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I just put my guest house address (with "arriving: date" after my name so the guest house would not just say, "Never heard of him") and trusted.

It all worked perfectly. My tickets were brought to my room shortly after I arrived.
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Yes, I had similar experiences to Pookstar. I just emailed our hotels in advance (the ones we knew) and asked if it was okay to courier them over. I never gave them explicit authorization to allow them to receive the tickets. I think an email request is all the authorization that they need.

When we arrived at our hotels, they always had a couple of piles of couriered tickets and would have to sort through them to find ours. I imagine hotels get so many tourists that receiving couriered tickets is routine.
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legends at Indian rail

I booked my tickets 3 days ago after checking availability for mid March, on a very popular train route. I filled in the relevant info on the irctc website and intended to fax my authority to the hotel I was staying at in Mumbai so they could sign for my tickets. When I rang the hotel they said they had no fax machine. OMG. Why did I assume they would? Because I come from a long line of assumers! who make asses of themselves regularly. Or at least bi-monthly!

The tickets were on their way and I could just see the busy courier putting the tickets back into his bag because my authority was not at the hotel and the tickets "getting lost in the system", or worse.

So I emailed irctc and told them what had happened. I emailed them the PRN & transaction numbers, my authority's name and asked for their help, understanding it was a big ask and I probably deserved a big headache, or worse!

irctc have just emailed me with ticket delivery time and advised the hotel has my tickets. The people who kindly got me out of the poo are legends, in my opinion, and I would not have expected to receive similar service from any Australian govt dept. which handles millions of transactions per day.

They are brilliant at irctc! Even the old guy at Delhi station who insisted I must have the transaction number for my tickets. I had the PRN but not the transaction number. So he goes through his ledger for about 5 minutes, find the trans no. & gives me the tickets. They must get so frustrated with all us foreigners and our slap happy ways! I'm a changed woman, now! Good luck Martijn. BTW you can email for assistance if you need it.

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