Confusion over ticket booking on IRCTC website

#1 Sep 27th, 2017, 07:27
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Hi all, I am going to India for the first time shortly, and I am trying to book a few train tickets. I have booked the majority on Cleartrip, but for whatever reason, whenever I try to book a train between Agra Cantt and Varanasi (on the 2nd of Dec), the website fails.

So, I have tried to book it on the IRCTC website, but I can't get my head around something (which I am sure is obvious and I'm just being a bit dim). On the booking page of the website, where passenger details are inputted and journey details explained, I notice that my 'journey date' is (correctly) the 2nd of Dec, yet when I click on 'schedule', which brings up a list of the boarding stations, the boarding date at Agra Cantt appears as the 1st of December - i.e. the day before I hope to leave.

This has occurred every time I have looked at booking a train on the website, and indeed was why I initially turned to Cleartrip, as it was clearer - but that too has now forsaken me.

I hope you can help and that you can make sure of this!
#2 Sep 27th, 2017, 08:59
Learning... from others' experiences!
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Is it possible to share the train number on which you wish to book tickets?
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I have not experienced this problem, but could it be due to the fact that you can only book 6 tickets in a month? Seems a long shot, but... (27th Sept today, maybe try again on 1st Oct, not too long a wait).

Does the train you wish to book run every day, some do not?

You may also not be aware that there are more trains that depart Agra "Fort" station to Varanasi Junction than from Agra "Cant"...

If this is the last train you need to book, it may be possible to buy a short duration rail pass, they come valid for as little as a day, and let the rail pass vendor book that train for you. They can book from general quota as well as a tourist quota when available.
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Please let us know when and how the problem was solved!

#4 Sep 27th, 2017, 13:52
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I can't get on to IRCTC to check, but looking at the train times and the station you mention, I have a theory, though it's a long shot.

Indian Railways often group geographically close stations together, this is mainly to optimise search results, for example, Agra has 2 main stations (Cant and Fort) depending on what route/direction you're travelling in, but there's also a main route (Delhi-Kolkata) that avoids Agra, there's a station on that route called Tundla (22km from central Agra), Indian Railways will group Agra Cant, Agra Fort and Tundla together to show all trains that call at any of those stations, likewise there's Varanasi Jn, Manduadih and Mughal Sarai, all grouped together to include all trains that call at Varanasi or Mughal Sarai (16km from Varanasi).

A search for trains from Agra Cant to Varanasi Jn would get 8 trains per week, but when local stations are grouped together, the number of trains per week goes up to 64.

(Most trains between the Agra area and Varanasi/Mughal Sarai depart from Agra Fort or Tundla)

So, back to your issue, depending on the day of the week, Train 13240/13238 depart Agra Cant at 22:40, but doesn't depart Tundla till 00:30, so, is it possible that your search results are using the date the train departs Tundla (2nd), the same train would have departed Agra Cant less than 2 hours earlier, but the date would have been the 1st.

Look at the train number, train 13240 departs Agra Cant on 2nd (and Tundla on 3rd), train 13238 departs Agra Cant on 1st and Tundla on 2nd.
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Just a thought, it could be that a list of trains is appearing, and you're looking for the time you know your train departs, not realising that on different days the train has different numbers, even though the timings are exactly the same, check to see if you're clicking on 13238 instead of 13240.

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