cochin to madurai....has anyone done it?
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cochin to madurai....has anyone done it?

Is it possible to get from cochin to madurai without taking the bus? I've checked the travel books....and only (very) long bus rides are descibed over the western ghats via Munnar. May-be someone out there has first hand knowledge of the lay of the land. On the map, it looks so close, but those maps can be deceiving!

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I don't think there's a direct train; you'll have to change somewhere. Kanyakumari or Chennai, perhaps.
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it's worth organizing a share taxi, and you should be able to find some other travellers in Kerala who are headed that way. Lots of little places of great beauty along the way, especially churches.
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The train goes the long way round (via Trivandrum), but is mostly overnight and you won't need a plastic bag if you feel a number 2 coming on ;)

Train number 6128 departs Ernakulam Junction (ask taxi/rickshaw driver for 'south' station) at 23:35 (daily) and arrives at Madurai at 11:50 the following morning.

3-tier air con will cost Rs611

Sleeper class will cost Rs227

For a detailed description (including photos) of the different classes of accommodation on Indian trains click on the following link.

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Thanks for the great info! Love those options...train or taxi, both sound like our kind of travel. And Steven....I also read that "plastic bag" from hell story on the bus. :yucky: !!! Thanks for reminding me of yet another good reason why I don't want to be on the bus! My husband and I tend to be, how can I say, sensitive in the tum tum when exposed to certain curries. You probably have saved our very lives without knowing it!
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An Indian friend and I agree that it is very helpful to take an Immodium tablet (or two) before going on a long journey. (Does this belong in the potty thread)? ;)
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If I'm not mistaken There's a train from Quilon (Kollum) direct to Madurai Worth a look
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There are a couple, first one can be found here, (train 728) this train also goes via Trivandrum.

The second route goes through the Western Ghats and is quite scenic, however, this route is closed at the moment for conversion from Metre Gauge to Broad Gauge, and will not open again till next year (I think).

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to take a Taxi half way then a local train to Madurai, you could check out this post, (scroll down to Munnar/Kumilty - Madurai), sounds like fun.;)
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Cochin to Madurai

Hi - I need some help. Wife and I arrive Kochi from Delhi late Oct 30th (sunday) and have booked a hotel for two nights (could be extended). Plan is to arrive in Madurai by friday or saturday of that week (5th or 6th). So here are my questions:

1. If we decide to go to Periyar for a couple nights en route to Madurai - how do I go about arranging a car/driver? Is it possible to get a cab/car in Kochi to bring us to Thekkady on wednesday and then on friday get another cab/car to bring us from Thekkady to Madurai? If so, would there be interesting things to see en route, would I have to book this in advance? And what would be the costs?

2. A second option would be to avoid Periyar altogether - and just have day trips out of Kochi -- up, for example north to Trichur, and south, for example, to Alleppey. We could extend our stay at the hotel in Kochi to do this. But I wonder whether we would have enough to see/do.

3. A third option would be to drive to Periyar for one or two nights, drive to Alleppey for one night and take a boat to the backwaters, and then catch the overnight train from Alleppey to Madurai - it leaves around midnight from Alleppey.

we don't want this to be a hectic several days - so would like travel to be efficient and comfortable. Recommendations would be most welcome.

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