Cleartrip reservation question
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Cleartrip reservation question

hi, just made a online reservation for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) to go overnight Delhi to Jaisalmer next Feb 2012 on
Problem is 2 seats are confirmed, the other 2 are WL1 and WL2.
Clearly we cant be separate from our kids, so what are the chances of these 2 seats becoming confirmed? It is nearly 3 months away, so we booked early.
On cleartrips FAQ's it says partially waitlisted passengers (PNR where some passengers are confirmed and others are waitlisted) are able to board the train, but when i phoned Cleartrip to confirm this I was told it wasn't the case.
With 5 yr old children I need to know for sure that we can all get on together, and if not I need to have a backup plan.
Would it be sensible to book 2 more seats in a different class, or am I fretting unnecassarily?cheers, Sonia

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Post with full details like train name/no., date of travel, class, From and To stations here:

Its too early to say anything, but Feb is quite a while away and your status is WL1 &2 which is pretty low and comfortable. Will get confirmed.
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Thanks, but can we all board if they are still waitlisted?
Would it be safer to book 2 more seats that are available in 2 Ac, and the IF the first ones get confirmed cancel the second booking?
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Book for all 4 of you in AC2 OR AC3 as backup. Then you can take a call closer to travel which to keep. Note that Ac1 status does not normally change much till charting.
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Wait list


Railways will only allow passengers who's tickets are confirmed / RAC [cry]
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If you have booked in 1AC, then confirming the WL tickets are very unlikely. We had faced the same situation where WL2 and WL3 did not confirmed even though we booked 3 months before. (and there is no RAC in this class)
If your travel begins from the originating station of the train also, then contact the TTE and he may provide you a lower class (2A or 3A) ticket. Otherwise you have to accommodate your kids with you.
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Not to hijack this but I have the same situation. I have the two of us and our baby for a four hour journey.

One ticket is confirmed - another is WL1. Now I am not sure if I will have a seat so even if the other seat is not confirmed we can still squat on one berth in the 1AC coach. Is this correct? How come even if I have a waitlisted pair but one is confirmed should I not be allowed to board? I don't understand the concept. Other classes on this train are also showing waitlist 5 - 15 range.
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