Cleartrip and IRCTC booking help
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Cleartrip and IRCTC booking help

Hello mikers,
I registered under irctc on June 2013 but could not activate my account with email and mobile OTP for unavoidable circumstances.
Now I need to get the access back as I need to make bookings through it. But invalid username or password is all I get after several tries. so I played a hunch and tried the cleartrip app. To sync the irctc account I requested OTP and successfully synced the account with them but same attempt on irctc website and irctc connect app gives me zero result.
So where do I stand now?
1. Can I make bookings with cleartrip? Is it safe?
2. What will I do if I want to book via irctc?
Please help

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I've also had complications with Cleartrip and IRCTC linked accounts. But got them resolved. I only use my desktop computer. You can email IRCTC: They will respond but it may take 3-4 days. There is also an option on the Cleartrip site to message Cleartrip.

If you have an Indian issued visa card you can book direct on the IRCTC site. If you do not have an India issued card you must use Cleartrip. But also be advised that after you book and pay for your ticket on Cleartrip they now send you to the IRCTC site to reconfirm the ticket. So in short you will need to resolve your sign in issue with IRCTC sites.

If all else fails, set up a new Cleartrip and IRCTC account. BUT make sure that you do not use the same passwords or email address as you now have, it can cause problems. Good luck.
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If you do not have an India issued card you must use Cleartrip.

! ! !

... or and a better option is to get an Amex card (with Safekey) and avoid Cleartrip.

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