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Hi all
Its been some time that i have been reading about Circular journey. I have few doubts, which were not raised in the previous posts. Here are my questions:

1. Lets say, I decided on a circular journey (starting from A > B > C > D > E > F> G > H > I > J > K > L > A) which has 12 stops. When I book my CJ ticket, do I need to mention how many days do I plan to spend at each of the stops? Can't I change the itinerary depending on the place I've visited is awesome and intend to spend a day extra there?

2. How is the route decided? Say I want to visit simla, agra, jaipur, darjling and konark. I start from bangalore. I agree that the station master would help me out but I'm curious about how it is decided.

3. In the above case, does the station master decide my journey dates as well as which trains that I need to catch?

4. Say, I decided on a particular route, and got a circular ticket. In that ticket does it mention the dates or just the starting journey date?

5. Is the reservation charges included in the circular ticket? Or is just the base fare? Correct me if I'm wrong here- When I book a circular ticket, I am charged for the travel but not for the reservation. Later I need to spend more money for getting the seats reserved.

6. I read that there are limited set of routes. Is it necessary that i need to travel all the stations even if I don't want to? Lets say, I start at A and want to visit D,G and J (route mentioned in point no.1), now do I need to travel that whole route?

Maybe these questions might sound silly, but it will help me in deciding my journey to north and north-east.

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Hi, one more doubt. Lets say, in the circular journey (A > B > C > D > E > A), if there is a small station 'q' which come after D, can I break my journey there? If so, how do I continue my journey from there. Should I get another ticket from 'q' to E???
(A > B > C > D > q >E > A)
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First have a look at this :

1. 12 stops are NOT allowed. Max stops is 8 not including the starting point. The ticket is just a paper ticket that allows you to travel along a route within a period of time. While making reservations for the different sections you need to decide how long and subject to availability can change dates. However new stops cannot be added or changed.

2. You decide the route and stops. Or there are standard CJ routes already decided than can be chosen.

3. Again you decide.

4. It included start and end date, stops allowed.

5. Fare charged is just the base fare for the chosen class. Reservation needs to obtained separately and i think only clerkage is charged.

6. Again either choose from the existing routes or make a separate one of your choice.

7. Once the breaks are decided on the ticket they can not be changed and are limited to 8.

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