Change in Tatkal Fares?
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Change in Tatkal Fares?

Hi All,

Normally we have 150/75 as the Tatkal Charges for SL, but sine some days I observed that the rates would vary based on the Station and same is charged from the Counter.

Can anyone please explain... :confused:
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Dear rus-funn,

##Earlier, the Tatkal Charges for SL Class were fixed at Rs.150.
(For some trains where the Tatkal Quota utilisation was less, this used to be Rs.75 during non-peak period)

##As per the revised Scheme, w.e.f. 1.10.2009, the minimum is Rs.75/- and the maximum was Rs.150 and in between it will be 10% of the Basic Fare for Second Class and 30% of Basic Fare for other classes.

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