Can e-ticket be converted to i-ticket ?
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Can e-ticket be converted to i-ticket ?

Situation is this..

I reserved a confirmed e-ticket for me and my 7 year old daughter, with me as the master passenger. On the same day, some of our relatives are also travelling on the same train, but on a different ticket. Now I want to sent my daughter along with them, rather than me accompanying my daughter.
Which means, I want to partly modify the e-ticket, where by the master passenger will be cancelled. Unfortunately, the only other passenger in the ticket is my minor daughter, who does not have an ID (like driving license, PAN etc). So I can not make her as the master passenger now.

Cancelling the entire ticket and taking a new one is not viable, since I will loose my 'confirmed' status.

Do I have any options ? I was thinking 'whether I can convert this e-ticket to i-ticket and then cancel my seat, so that I need not send any ID with my daughter and carry only the ticket.

Not sure whether this is possible...

I have searched this forum and found ample information on e-ticket, but could not find a solution to this issue. Hope some one will come out with some suggestion.

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My suggestion to would be to keep your tickets and board the train. If your relatives are traveling in the same class as you are, simply tell the TE when he comes to check the tickets that your daughter wants to travel with your relatives in the other coach, and one of your relatives will join you.

Do this with a smile though.:) Should not be a problem.
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what's an 'i-ticket'?
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e-ticket: virtual.

i-ticket: cardboard.

My understanding of John's post is that he no longer wishes to be on the train.

Two aspects. One is that I don't think conversion is possible, at least not online, and I think the e-ticket is only valid if he as the mast-passenger travels on it.

The other is the seat allocation. One party will have seats allocated somewhere, the unrelated (re tickets) relatives will be somewhere else. Whilst it may be possible to seek the co-operation of TTE and other passengers to shift people around, there can be no guarantee of this.
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From the feedback of GPI and Nick-H , I think I have very limited options. Currenlty this is my plan. I will not cancel my e-ticket, and leave the e-ticket with my relatives. Once inside the train, with the help of TTE, we will sort out the matter. TTE will be happy to co-operate, since we will be surrendering one confirmed ticket, which he can use at his will.

I will lose my money, but still can retain the confirmed ticket's status. Right now, retaining the ticket status is the priority, as it is the festival season.

Again, all will be done with a smile..:rolleyes:
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My feedback is guess work, I hasten to add!

But, at the cost of the ticket, but saving you a trip you obviously don't want to make, I think your current plan is a good idea.
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Dear John Kurian,

Strictly speaking, your E-Ticket is NOT valid without the production of the ID Card, whose particulars were furnished at the time of purchasing the E-Ticket.
I advise you to cancel your E-Ticket, and purchase a fresh Waitlisted Ticket in the name of your daughter. Even if her ticket does not gets confirmed, nobody will question, because of your relatives travelling in the same train.
In any case, as is being done by most of the Members, you have NOT indicated:

i) The Number of the Train
ii) The Date of Journey
iii) The Class of Travel
iv) The Originating Station
v) The Destination Station
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Similar problem


I am facing a similar problem. I have already booked a tatkal e-ticket for me. Now one of my cousin who is 14 years old and doesn't have any ID card want to accompany me. I want to take a new tatkal e-ticket for her. Any ways can I sort this issue out?

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Not the same problem!


Your problem and OPs problem are different. In OP's case, he had tickets for himself and his daughter (probably to accompany his daughter to some place). Since he found out that his relatives would also be travelling, he did not want to travel anymore.

In your case, you have a Tatkal e-ticket already. You now have another person who wants to travel with you. So, you should buy one ticket for her, if available, and see if both the tickets falls in the same coach. If the train has vestibule, even tickets on different coaches should not be a problem.

You may also want to 'exchange' the seats with your fellow passengers. Not a big deal, as long as you get the tatkal for her!!
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Tickets are still available. But the problem is if I take e-ticket for her, she will be the only one in that ticket and she doesn't have an ID card.
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incase the passenger doesnt have id, book a ticket at the counter. Just curious to know, do you still have tickets in tatkal quota ?
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Yes, going to counter and booking option is always there. I was checking options for e-ticket.
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If you dont have any id, then i-ticket is the best. But as you are saying you are booking tatkal, the doubt is always there. Counter booked tickets are the best - no issues whatsoever.
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arunganpath is right

In your case, arunganpath is right. Taking an e-ticket without any ID proof is not a good practice, since it can lead to ticket abuses.

You will lose the comfort of booking the ticket from your home, but in this case, you have limited options.
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e-ticket cannot be changed to i-ticket.