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I think that would be case at most stations which are not busy.
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Hi all,

I am wanting to but train tickets for a train which only has unreserved places/tickets so i can not buy them online through cleartrip for example. So i need to buy them in person at the train station, do i have to buy them on the day or can i purchase the day before. If my train departs at 8:00am for example, when is the earliest i can get the tickets/how early would i need to get to the train station?
Thanks in advance :)

hi ewicc,

looking to the threads it seems it's a very short distance. for short distances, in India, traveling by road is much more better. you can hire a cab, take an auto rickshaw or can easily get buses to reach
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Traveling by auto rickshaw would be little bit inconvenient, so it would be better to avoid this option.

Bus may be taken.

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