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Buying Tickets On Line

If I buy my train tkts on line
it looks like I would have to have them mailed to an address in Mumbai which is where I will be arriving. since I am staying at a hotel I would have to enlist their assistance in holding those tkts. I am not staying at a 5 star hotel such as the Oberoi towers so I am not entirely confortable with this arrangement. any other suggestions? :o

I will only be at the hotel three nights so the coordination with the mailing would have to be right on. Wonder why I can't just pick them up at the main rail sation in Mumbai? well don't bother to answer that question unless that is a possibility.

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I bought my rail tickets on line and had them delivered to Hotel Ajanta in Delhi--also not a 5 star hotel. I was only in Delhi one day and my tickets were there waiting for me without a problem (also had some airline tickets delivered). Indian Railways sent me an email confirmation with the person's name who signed for my tickets.

One thing to consider though is that getting a refund for train tickets purchased over the internet is not an easy procedure. If there is any chance you will want to change your tickets or if you are wait-listed for a particular train, you might want to consider buying at the station.

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well yoursituation was easier as the main branch for tkting is in Delhi so they didn't have to mail the tkts very far? I would prefer to wait and buy at the station but am concerned as I am traveling the end of Jan (close to[if not] peak season) and because of the time constraint between my arrival and departure I may not be able to get a tkt. I am seriously considering flying (the first of my Train trips) Mumbai to goa on Deccan and buying the other tkts while in Mumbai.
thanks for your reply
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If your concern is just for the Mumbai-Goa ticket, the Konkan RR has a special advance purchase plan for tourists that does not involve arranging a hotel pick-up. It is only available for a 3ac berth on the Konkan Kanya Express (the night train) and the fare is Rp1250 which is about 50% higher than a regular 3ac ticket. The details from the Konkan website:

Special Terms And Conditions

1.____Internet booking is available ONLY to Indians, Foreign nationals and NRIs holding a valid passport.

2.___ Booking is available only for train No. 0111 Dn and 0112 Up Konkankanya_ Express between Mumbai CST (formerly known as Bombay) to Madgaon (Goa) or from Madgaon to Mumbai CST.

3.____ Accommodation will be in 3 tier Air-conditioned Class.

4._____The charges for one passenger for one way journey is Indian Rupees 1250.00

5.____Booking will be made available seven days in advance and up to two days before the journey date (excluding the day of journey).

6.____ Maximum four passengers can be booked on one ticket.

7.____Confirmation of ticket along with PNR number will be e-mailed to the passenger. The copy of this e-mail should be produced at the time of boarding the train.

8.____Passenger can collect the tickets from on duty Passenger Assistants of Konkan Railway at the time of boarding the train at Madgaon or Mumbai by furnishing a copy of passport as proof of identity. Passport has to be shown to the Passenger Assistant)

9.____Tickets once confirmed by Konkan Railway will not be admissible for refund in case of cancellation.

10. Passengers can get down at any place en-route; however, ticket will be treated as fully used.

11. In case of any reason, passenger fails to perform journey at the starting station, he is not entitled for any refund.

12. No postponement of the journey date is permissible.


---a flight on Deccan wouldn't be much more expensive if you are able to get a reservation. At present, they only have one daily flight so it is hard to say how easy this would be.

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thanks forthe information bopper but I prefer not to book below 2AC so I guess my options are either take my chance and try when I get to Mumbai or book on line.
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