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Ben Nov 19th, 2018 12:17

Booking with IRCTC
Sorry, yet another train booking question. Has anyone used a tablet/IPad for booking on the IRCTC website? There doesn’t seem to be the option “International Cards” (powered by ATOM). On the top of the screen it even advises that this is the option for foreign credit/debit cards, but it’s not available...

aarosh Nov 19th, 2018 13:14

Could you check with IRCTC Rail Connect App

nycank Nov 19th, 2018 13:19

I did not find an iOS app for IRCTC. I have used Android on a cellphone. You do not have to use atom gateway.

Ben Nov 19th, 2018 17:23

Thank s For your response.I am not using an app, just the IRCTC website. Only ATOM gateway works with foreign cards...

zif Jan 18th, 2019 22:13

They keep updating the Android app and I had hoped they had solved the problem by now.

But no dice. You still can't pay with an international card on the app. You have to use Atom, which is only available on the web version.

This isn't good, since the app is far easier to navigate on a phone than the website.

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