AC Waiting Lounge Trichy
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AC Waiting Lounge Trichy

I had recently been to Trichy Railway Station. There is an A/c Waiting Lounge on Platform # 1. The charges are Rs 10/- for the first 2 hours per person. After that it is Rs 10/- per hour per person. The minimum duration is for 2 hours.

We were 5 people and used the lounge for 4 hours and we paid Rs 150/- for 4 hours.

It also has points for charging cell phones and laptops. The arrival and departure of train are also displayed inside the waiting lounge.

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Dear Bonded,

I was in TPJ on evening of 12.9.2009, that is, between the arrival of 2635 and the departure of 1044.
I used the Sleeper Class Waiting Hall. It was damn clean, along with the facility to charge the Mobiles. I paid nothing:-)
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I stayed in the AC waiting room (upper class waiting room) all night (couldn't find a hotel so slept on the floor), and I didn't pay a single rupee.

Apart from the staff trying to get tips, I've never been charged in any upper class waiting room.
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Steven this AC waiting lounge was started lasted year and it is different than the upper class waiting lounge in Trichy Station.

There are plans of opening more in Trivandrum and Madurai.

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