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AndreasP Feb 21st, 2012 15:20

10 traintickets to buy, but only 6 allowed
I've to book 10 traintickets for my (big) family.
Cleartrip only allows 6 per booking.
I have to do the booking process twice.

How can I make sure that our seats will be together?
Any advice? Any e-mail adress to specify my request?

indracal Feb 21st, 2012 18:01


Unfortunately, 6 passenger per ticket is the max anyone can give (it's the rule from Indian Railways), you can't bypass it even if you are buying from a manned counter!

And your seat, by all likelihood will be separate. Once allocated, you can not request change of a seat. It is not acceptable in the present system.

Your only recourse is a set of favorable co-passengers, which many a times happen!

pmvelu Feb 21st, 2012 18:14

For reservations more than 6 passengers, Manual booking counter is the "only option" and almost at every major indian city, there will be a separate counter by name "Bulk Booking".

I dont think there is an option to do "Bulk Booking" online.

AndreasP Feb 21st, 2012 19:19

Thanks for the replies.
One more questions: does this also apply to IndRail passes?
Or would it be possible to bulk seat a group of 10 by buying IndRail passes?

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