Sindoor: Color and Application

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I am a white (mostly Scottish Euro-Mutt) American woman and married an Indian man at a temple in India recently. (In Kanpur)

I love sindoor and plan to wear it daily. I love the ritual of it and I feel that this little daily thing will just be a private moment to reflect on my husband and marriage every day. However, I am unfamiliar with all of the traditions around it and have a few questions.

I know it is traditionally applied to the forehead at the parting of the hair.

Some of my questions:

During our temple wedding ceremony, bright (fluorescent - think 1980's bright) orange sindoor was applied to me by my husband. I was gifted this sindoor in a beautiful container.

What I have seen is that sindoor is traditionally in the red family. I was also gifted several different containers of sindoor, all also in varying shades of red. Magenta, maroon, red.

Is the bright orange sindoor only for special ceremonial use? (Or is it fine to wear daily?) There is no hint of red in this sindoor, it is full on bright orange.

Is there a specific way to apply the sindoor? Some of the loose "cups" of powder confuse me with how to apply. The liquid and stick ones are pretty self explanatory, as well as one little container that has a stick with a groove in it that holds the powder. I have tried YouTube and didn't find much help with how to apply it. I'm also unsure how much to apply (How long should the line be? Just a dot? An inch long?)

If I don't have a part in my hair (certain hairstyles just don't) where/how do I wear the sindoor?

I appreciate any guidance that can be provided. My new mother in law is a lovely woman, but distance and language have made it difficult for me to communicate my questions to her.
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1. colour of sindoor often varies based on community. For Bengalis it is bright red. For some north Indians its the same. For other north Indians it is the orange shade. You can use whatever shade you want to.
2. Everyone applies differently. The handle/spine of the comb is a popular instrument of application. Touch an end of the comb handle the surface of the sindoor. A bit of powder will stick to the handle. Now rub the handle lightly over your hair parting. Those who are more meticulous have a stick like thing with a flat end to apply sindoor
3. No hard and fast rule about how long/thick it should be. Check images in google and copy the style that you like. Usually urban women will apply very little sindoor on an ordinary day. can do something like this if you do not have a middle parting.

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