South Indian recipes using Coconut milk

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After too many coconut milk disasters I finally learnt how to use it correctly, and my Thai cooking has improved 10 fold, so I'm wondering if the new (to me) technique can be applied to any South Indian recipes.

I take a can of coconut milk from the fridge (cooling it gets all the thick stuff to the top), open, take the top half out and into a frying pan (or normal pan), and 'cook' it over a low-medium heat, stirring constantly until the coconut fat separates from the cream, this takes me at least 20 minutes and often has me thinking I'm cooking it too long, then I add a home made curry paste (make large batches then freeze in ice-cube tray), and cook till oil separates again (10-12 minutes), then slowly add the rest of the coconut milk from the can and cook till the required consistency is reached, then add whatever meat/veg needed, I normally marinate then cook the meat, then cut it up and add it to the curry, towards the end I add any or all of the following, fish sauce, brown sugar, lime juice (or grated rind), basil or coriander leaves.

Do any members know of a South Indian recipe than's similar, preferably something just as simple, some paste I can make up in advance and cook in the same way.

I've tried it with 3 different home made Thai curry pastes and it works really well with all, my Mrs. is doing really well with a diet, so I give her a grilled chicken breast, thinly sliced and pour over just a little of the curry sauce, she loves it.

I'm cooking it again today or tomorrow, I'll try to take some photos as they do better than any description.

Here's a page I found when trying to work out what I was doing wrong with coconut milk, well worth reading the whole page.
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You can buy cocoanut milk powder in India ,similarly in UK, easily found in Chinese supermarkets.

It does save separating the top layer from the bottom in the tin,and you can prepare to your own consistency
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The South Indian recipes are more likely to use fresh coconut, however, I find that using coconut milk and omitting the water from the original recipe gives just as good results.

My absolute favourite recipe ever is from a web page called sharmis passion and it's for chicken chettinad.

My other favourites that use coconut and water or coconut mik are Goan fish curry or keralan prawn or fish currys.

Good luck!

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Thanks fsg, I find the separating part quite easy, but it's good to know of an alternative.

Thanks NB, a very good website with loads of good recipes, some of her terminology could be difficult to follow though ('till raw smell is gone'), but I'll give it a try.

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