Online food order service
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Online food order service

I am looking for best service online food order in India. The deserts, thali served, veg & non veg...etc.

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Your question needs clarification? Are you looking for a regular "tiffin service", or occasional ordering from a restaurant? Is there a particular city you are inquiring about?

India has a number of food ordering apps which deliver from certain restaurants. Its only available in the larger cities now.
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Online food order service

I suspect that the OP is looking for a very specific name.
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Originally posted by: snotty View Post

I suspect that the OP is looking for a very specific name.

Quite odd that 'someone' hasn't supplied it so far.
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Online food order service

Market identified: there are some seriously big eaters among our members. ;)
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I suspect Google is smarter than us all. It even has results by sector! Now if it can locate where in the old film about New York city done in Black & White to the music of Rhapsody in Blue that George Gershwin makes his cameo appearance. Is it a coincidence that the first two letters in it and God are the same? Off to the hardware store to locate long lawn edging bricks to the requirements of she that must be obeyed..

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