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New Delhi Meetups

The next New Delhi IM meetup is on 17th July in honour of one of our senior members from IM, who will be in town.

So anyone in Delhi on 17th July, join us for coffee at 6PM (is it fine??).
Venue: please suggest.:confused:
Looking forward to a big gang :eek: of Delhi IMers to confirm and join us.

I'll be travelling from 12th July to 16th July and will have limited internet access, so please keep this thread alive.
So who all are in raise your hands....
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:whistling hmmm Who is comming to Delhi?Let me guess cool:Shilma?
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I will be in Delhi on 29th July, meeting Alan_D and Caroline on 2nd August. Possible to move the meeting to say 3rd August?
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Myself, Fiance Angela & 2 kids will be in Delhi - arriving late 31/07, staying 2-3 days before moving off. But would appreciate a meet around then.
First time in India for Angela and kids and 2nd time for me.
Hope to see some IM'ers around the place during the 5 weeks we're around.
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Fluidic, we will be staying at the RAK International in Pahar Ganj so if Angela and the kids jump on the first plane home and you need some sympathy, call around and we can have our own little IM meeting.
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Hi All,
I will be newly arrived in Delhi (and the country) on the 17th, so would be thrilled to meet up in Delhi anytime in July.
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Delhi-I'll be there sometime in late July, methinks and will be up in Mussoorie, not too far away, for the summer, or so the plan goes. Keep me posted! Plan's are still up in the air about Blore and Hbad- but looks like 18th-20th for the former is a good bet ;)
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Originally posted by bijapuri
and will be up in Mussoorie, not too far away, for the summer,

You mean for the monsoon, bij !!

In any case, Mussoorie will be much nicer than the plains in monsoon. Do meet Mr. Ruskin Bond !
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Sorry for being late..I'm in chennai now and could not login earlier.
Well Lets go ahead with 17th July, if our chief guest is Ok with it,
and the next meetup in Delhi be on
3rd that all right??
comon..we don't have any restriction on how many meetups we have a month....
So now suggestions for venue, time are invited...
and most important, who all are in for 17th and who for 3rd August?
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3rd of August is fine with us Vinay - look forward to meeting the Delhi branch of
What a long strange trip it's been! :confused:
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17th July is fine with me !
Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop !
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17th july is okey as of now, will be great to meet up
being a saturday it can be anytime/anyplace prefer Noida or south/central delhi.

Would be great to meet Shimla, so who else is joining in.. Lets make it a big show this time and day time event...Radz/Vinay what do you say?.

3rd august is okey if I am in Delhi, will be able to conform by the end of the month.

So who else is joining in on 17.
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Would love to meet up with other Indiamikers, but am in Mumbai right now and I'll be missing all the fun and Indiaspeak...hope I'm back by the 3rd of august...anyway have fun !
mussorie is beautiful during the monsoons, enjoy, Bijapuri. While you're in Muss check out a place called Kanatal, its only two hours away by bus and has great views and walks...we stayed in cheap but basic accomodation off the road...retired commisioner's place there is also a hotel right on the main road...not so nice though... anyway, worth a visit!
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17Th day time fine with me.

Auguest 3rd meet .i will confirm later:).
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Great News! I would love to join you all on 17th. On 17th I'll be in Delhi only.

Looking forward to meet you all!
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