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Kolkata Meetups

Hello friends

Though most of the tourists do not visit Kolkata,still some of you make a short trip.So, we can have a travellers meet in Kolkata. this can help to make our city attravctive with your valuable suggestions and proposals. on the other hand you can know kolkata in a better way.

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Any body like to meet in Calcutta with other memebers of indiamike.
Any body comming Kolkata during Oct.
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I think it's a great idea to meet in Kolkata, Kallol. I probably won't get there until after mid-November but will look forward to seeing you at that time.
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I'll be there for a couple of nights around Oct. 20th...and then for four nights during the first week of November. Any gathering would be easier (at least for me) in November.
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hey - me and a friend will be there sometime in early Oct. Flying into Thailand oct 1, then getting a flight to Kolkata ASAP... be up for meeting !
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We will be there from 19th to 22nd Nov (inclusive). Staying at the Fairlawn. Will certainly be in it if there is a meeting at that time.
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Off-topic slightly....

I would love to know what some of our members think about the Fairlawn hotel.

When I first bought a guidebook, I turned immediately to the Calcutta section, the Fairlawn hotel seemed to jump out at me, it seems to get mixed reviews.

I would like to know what it is like to stay there, to eat there, to have tea there, the price and what you normally pay for a hotel.

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It does get mixed reviews.
I will report on return.

We have been quoted USD 45 (plus 16.52%!) which includes 3 meals.

In Delhi we are paying R770, in Varanasi R900, at the Tiger Camp in Corbett R2950 full board. At other places probably between R600 and R1000.

I hope to be able to contribute to the Hotels section when we get back in early Dec.

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I had dinner at Fairlawn about 15 years ago; it was rather stiff, what with liveried servants and all. I was looking for the pipers (remember Heat & Dust?). Food was Western, bland, not unpleasant. I went with folks from Modern Lodge, and they were fun. I may go there again on this trip and see how it holds up to the memories.
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It's nice to find reply from all of You.I think we may arrange a meeting in mid of November . Wonderwomanusa and Kipling will be there at that time.
6th or 7th of Oct we may arrange one . It's our custom to meet all our friends after DURGA PUJA thats known as VIJAYA DASAMI and it's continue upto DEWALI . We may celebrate VIJAYA DASAMI with indiamike's memebers
Millreef can we arrange it in your 1st visit (21st oct)?

Anybody else ??????

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I'll let you know when I'll be there as soon as I know it myself. I think Kipling's plans are more firm than mine.

How is Amber restaurant these days? Is it still good?
The map is not the territory. --Alfred Korzybski
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My only reservation is a possibly commercial aspect to it ?
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yes, I caught that, too.
The map is not the territory. --Alfred Korzybski
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Yes, Amber Is still good restaurant.
Sorry Kipling , I don't understand your point.
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Well, Indiaguide, it is a simple point, although I suspect I will regret raising it.

On the one hand you have a meeting of members of this board arranged by members who are unconnected with the travel industry and who want nothing more out of such a meeting than to meet other travellers and share experiences, have a beer, crack a joke, etc.
On the other hand you have a meeting convened by a member who is "working as Govt.of India approved tourist guide"
I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with what you are trying to arrange. Good luck to you. I just think there is a difference.