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Houston Meetups

I know this is a long shot. still giving it a try.
I'll be in Houston from 21st Jan to 26th Jan on work visit. Would be busy in the day but free in the evening.
Anyone in Houton or nearby and wanna meetup?

If Life is a journey....travel on...and on..on..on.....

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Shoot, just saw it today. Would have loved to.
Chai Garam, Please!:cool:
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Houston Meet

its been a loong time, I am in Houston.
Lets plan a GTG
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Houston Native

I'm in Houston and moving to Coimbatore... would love to meet up before I move to get a real heads up before I get there.
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I am in southwest houston, where are you ??
When are you planning to move to India ?
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Live around 610 and 290... Coimbatore. Most of my Desi friends haven't even heard of it LOL. You know anything about Tamil culture? Most of my friends here are from the north.
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Heard of mysore, coimbatore. Been to mysore , want to again to see a friend. Dont know anything about Tamil culture, am a gujju :-))
I am in sugar land, have you been to hillcroft, which is desi adda also called as Mahatma Gandhi center...How long have you been in Houston ?
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Hillcroft... Yes of course... I entertain some of my coworkers when they are in town. The woman tend to be less adventurous and I usually take them there to feel a bit more comfortable. Oh I am a Houston native. Grew up on 1960.
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I am going to mumbai tomorrow, see friends and hope to go to matheran for a few days.
Hope the weather is nice. You n joy the houston heat I will savor the mimbai heat.
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HAHAHA Have fun... we will have to get together for drinks when you get back. You know of anyone local who speaks Tamil? I want a few lessons.

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