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Germany/ Berlin Meetups

Please put your posts here regarding meetups in Germany/ Berlin.
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As i know there are very few members from germany, here is my halfhearted try.

I am in berlin. Anybody interested for Meetup.

I keep reviving this thread for more first page visibility.
(till i give up or first meetup!!!!).
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I'm not in Berlin but here's a suggestion for the venue...

The bar in Hotel Movenpick (Anhalter ??)....hardly anyone there so good for conversation. More importantly, the hotel receptionists are really pretty ! The waitresses in the atrium kind of coffee shop are also pretty ! The housekeepers are pretty ! Ooh the frauleins - they are all pretty ! Germany, here I come...some day.
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Thanks for the suggestion. In Germany mostly hotel receptionists are part time working students. We may not be as lucky as you!!!!
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Hey, there is an IM meetup thread for Germany! Wow!

Now the question is: Will it ever happen? German (and other) IMs, where are you all? What about a meetup?
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Hi Federica,

i am in berlin. you are in bavaria. perhaps we meet in octoberfest.

no success so far in berlin, no members:dontgetit
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Maybe there's someone in the middle??? I can't believe it, we're a country with a population of more than 80 million people [shock]

Hello IMers, wake up :)

Otherwise: Let's meet at Octoberfest in Munich!
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Lets give it another try guys....
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A link!
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Nice to see another post in this normally sleeping thread :)

A Germany meetup would still be great, though. My offer for a Munich meetup is still valid.
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As a naturalized Prussian I feel completely out of place at Bavarian revelries like the "Oktoberfest". The last time I was in Munich was in 2006 when they had the Amrita Sher-Gil exhibition. I might be interested in this exhibition.
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No need for an Oktoberfest-Meetup, Munich has many better things to offer :)
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Originally posted by: federica View Post

Munich has many better things to offer :)

Now now you naughty girl !:p

But I do remember Munich as a wonderful place though my memory dates back to 1982. Got to revisit that place...someday.....sighhh..
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Anyone in London ?
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Originally posted by: casino View Post

Anyone in London ?

You should post this on the London thread. This is stricly for meetups in the Schengen area .