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sudheer poppa Jul 9th, 2004 17:51

Bangalore Meetups
Delhi has had it and recently London had the pleasure of hosting the same.....

So now its the turn of Bangalore.

All members passing through Bangalore towards mid july can pitch in with the dates they are in town.

And all Bangalore AND MYSORE members, please join in and lets get the party going...

:rolleyes: :p [banana] :bunny: [banana] :bunny: :whistling :elee: :danc: :clap_1: :hug: :elvis: :danc: :elee: [banana] :clap_1: :thumbup: :hug:

sillylilly Jul 9th, 2004 20:29 eeeeeeeee [banana]

peter Jul 9th, 2004 21:34

Count me in. I'll be in Bangalore from August 8 for two years.

vinayverma Jul 10th, 2004 11:38

will be in B'lore from 14th July 1100hrs to 16th July 1600Hrs...

SHIMLA Jul 10th, 2004 11:54


You'll be in Bangalore till July 16 ! When will you be back in Delhi?
I've just sent you a PM.

vinayverma Jul 10th, 2004 12:20

PM replied...and waiting for your answer before I post a new thread :-)

SHIMLA Jul 10th, 2004 13:23

Thanks, Vinay !

hash666 Jul 10th, 2004 17:24

beautiful guys, let me know the dates...lets have the meet fast cos i'm leaving for newyork end of july for 2 weeks...

sudheer poppa Jul 12th, 2004 22:55

Me meeting up with Vinay on 15th evening (dress rehersal) and then the big one with Bij on 18th (sunday). All are welcome. Anyone in town on either days please PM me....

Bij can you confirm 18th :)

bijapuri Jul 13th, 2004 00:48

18th is not likely :(
Prolly a few days after

vinayverma Jul 13th, 2004 03:14

Sudheer, and other fellow IMers in B'Lore
would love to have a meetup..but gotta leave for Delhi on 16th, so I'm ON for 15th (can't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity)..
THE FIRST official IM meetup in BANGLORE
So what 'bout 7PM on 15th.anyplace..??

julieellen Jul 13th, 2004 07:54

if i were in b'lore right votes would be for either the 13th Floor pub, or 3/4 Chinese restaurant. :)

sudheer poppa Jul 13th, 2004 09:49

Great choices Julie. The selfish me would love that but then there could be a few vegetarians in the pack !

Hi Bij, no problemo. Tell me if you can manage for any weekend after 18th. I can try to get another VVIP in too if its not a working day :p

Hey VVIP u hearing ;) I can give you no photos assurance, if required :D

vinayverma Jul 13th, 2004 20:44

Good options..but lets keep it at central location...Brigade/MG..easier for me to find my way to these places.
Where do we meet?

sudheer poppa Jul 15th, 2004 10:07

Today is the day !
Hi Vinay,

You can suggest the place! Guest of honor :) As you only here for a day we can head for your fav spot (peecos ?) and then to a munching place.

Hash is still out of town, but incase he returns today, can see this post and join us. Others are tied with work....

Any one who sees this and can join in, is Welcome. PM me and I shall give my mobile number so that you can join in where we are.

Another one is coming up soon basis when Bij is in town.

Cheers to Mango Lassi :p

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