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sudheer poppa
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Basically from in bangalore from 6 years.. do let me know about plans of meeting....
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hey sudheer,
good. I officially declare: of the lot, vinay, me, starcrosser, and you, you are definitely the least lazy!!! :)
Even if it is after 10 days, you did finally write about the meet up.
next time, give me a days notice, no promices of course, knowing that i am such a "socialite" and maintain a social diary for appointments... :) i refuse to go on a wild goose chase around Bangalore looking for a place to eat. Next time, we eat at my place. Period. New guests by invitation only, of course. :)
Usha and Bigzeero can come without invitation, if ever they are in Bangalore. (didn't you know one of the conditions of being a socialite is that one has to be biased and partial!) :)

So long.
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Spitze, from Rajasthan! Interesting. Where in Rajasthan?
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Thanks Sudheer for a nice report on the meetup. As usual, it was great meeting all of you and Nat's hubby.
Well, I'm in Mumbai with next 3 days packed from 8Am to 11PM at a conference.
will post the pic once I get back to Delhi this coming weekend.

Nat: I didn't see my name on the guest list..need to talk to Som...???
Anyway, Sudheer did attend Parikrama's show the next evening, and I'm glad he liked it.
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Udaipur basically..... and do send invitations to new members for next meet up ;-)
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Originally posted by: sudheer
phantom - you remained a phantom, this time too [cry]

:(... What can I do man, Natasha dearest is still angry with me for not turning up for that Bangalore Habba. It was so sweet of her to call me up that time but i had got some urgent personal work and couldn't even contact her in time to tell her that i won't be able to make it.. !!!
So Sudheer ab tumhi kuch kar sakte ho [cry]
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Hey phantom, :) i am not angry. we just got the impression that you like to remain "virtual". Now that we know better, you will definitely get a call next time.

Same goes for Spitz. Of course, he might change his opinion once i start on my "'In the year 1942,' when i was in Rajasthan..." stories. :) Udaipur is good, but my favourite is still chittaurgarh. There is something about that place.

Vinay, i said "new guests". You are not new. "aapne mere bare me aisa kaise socha? kya mai aapke saath aisa kar sakti hoon?" :) And don't you dare post the 2nd photo. you know why. Post the first one. Next time, long drive, PROMICE! By the way, check out travel partners section for the thread on Leh trip.
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i have stayed in chittor also for three years..... hope to meet u guys soon....
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Originally posted by: natasha.caHey phantom, :) i am not angry. we just got the impression that you like to remain "virtual". Now that we know better, you will definitely get a call next time.

phew... man.. was i relieved after reading your post :) ... Will wait for the call ..till then take care ....ciao.. :)
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hey, Sudheer.
What's up? You going off tomorrow and starCrosser on Sat?
What are we waiting for. Lets meet up for lunch/ dinner today. And this time phantom and Spitz can join us too. What say?

I have phantom's no. i think. Spitz what's you contact no. Please PM.
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I have given my number to natasha and we are deciding for a place in koramangala or airport road... geoffery's was suggested by natasha... any other suggestions?

Phantom... u joining ?
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yep.. i think now the decision is made. :)
See you all then.

Where is Sudheer, BTW ???
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Silent mode

my mobile and my mouth are on silent mode... preserving energy for the evening "non stop blabbering" :D
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So five people are confirmed for today's meet up ?
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Hey everyone,
Meet up sounds good...what time I'm teachign in the evenings so any idea would be good? And yes Natasha I'm leaving on Saturday, taking away some great memories of meet ups especially the hubba! :)