Jaisalmer & Around, Nov 19th - 26th '11
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Jaisalmer & Around, Nov 19th - 26th '11

Alright peeps,

I'm back with vacation days and am really UP for doing this

I'm planning to headstart for Jaisalmer from Delhi on 19/20th Nov'11 and wanted to throw in an option to all like minded browsing through this post.

I'm almost alone(They may, But based on last experience not counting on any of my mates as recession sometimes demands you in office than on road) and would prefer traveling via my car.

My itinerary has ingredients like food, music and booze and can take me anywhere nearby depending on a good company.

I should be Ok with sharing travel costs from shoestring to mid budget accommodation or hangouts and would return to Delhi by 26/27th Nov'11.

If you think, You are that Travel Partner catch me on XXXXXXX for details other than this...if not read below

If you have been there before or know someone I really NEED your suggestions on

1) Hot spots to stay or hangout in Jaisalmer
2) Any Musical Event / Parties-Not sure though...can live without !
3) World food joints- Middle Eastern, Continental etc


Nik !

PS :: I still have some information from last post but had to cancel the plan as co-driver dropped owing to some urgency- Knew wouldn't be able to drive all alone to JSL from DEL so covered H.P. instead.

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Got Reserved

Time bought some stability to my plans, Although I could not get a whole bunch of trav. buddies to make it a road trip, I got myself a reservation in DEL-JSM express which would arrive the golden city on Tuesday and plan to stay there at least 3 nights and will take it from there...Thought I'd update and seek some suggestions on accommodation and other places to catch up some like-minded travelers , Help me out, Thanks much...Happy Travelling !
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If you are an Indian national try going to Tanot, if not might be difficult to reach there.

Desert boys get good reviews here.

Badal Singh's camel safari at Khuri also gets good reviews here.
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Thanks much Sir, point noted, Lemme Google it up more to deal with touts in a better way ;-) Appreciate your suggestion !
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D_unofficial_intern: You may look @ my blog for a recent trip to Jaisalmer area. We also stayed at Desert Boys and they're good. http://stalenews.blogspot.com
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Thanks Vaibhav, very overwhelming of you, ill make sure to cover as many as possible.
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Loves to travel and hates to return :: Alright peeps, I'm back and thank you for suggestions, Desert boys really had some finger licking food & snacks out there in JSM and loved the camel safari at SAM too :-)

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