Intellectual long trip in India

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I sincerely hope that voyager_987 gets to visit India. It would be a shame to see so much effort wasted just to get a travel partner.
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Originally Posted by Govindpuri View Post I sincerely hope that voyager_987 gets to visit India. It would be a shame to see so much effort wasted just to get a travel partner.
This is why we are now in 2.0 (which is not going too well) 1.0 was a dud Maybe, in 3.0 it might be fixed

I think our own @NewWorld along with Farage and Ann Marie Waters had this stereotype when they successfully began #brexit campaign
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Originally Posted by bsue View Post Maybe it's time to be more precise about who/what you are looking for in your planned visit to India, as you don't seem to be getting any replies you like.
as anyone can read, despite having been very descriptive in all my answers to attacks no one has shown sympathy. I guess there must be something behind, that many know and makes silent all supporters. In the reality, in such situations there are always a few sympathisers. In parallel the attackers, despite having behaved like butchers, plus, on a public place look totally sure of themselves. They seem to not ignore what was going on here and clearly they know what they are themselves. So, is this website a really innocent website for people interested about traveling to india or something else? this is the question. In my post #130 in this thread i asked a question to Nick-H about his strange talk, and still i got no reply.

Long time ago under a different nick I submitted some questions and i was suspicious about the replies i got. At that time I was already suspecting IM was not a what I was thinking it was. I later renewed the experiment, actually last year, and I was surprised to see the awkwardness of some replies and here in the beginning of this thread it was even more surprising. As a matter of experimenting and for fun, ... indeed... i enjoyed dumping some sutras here, I preferred to continue to see how far these m#r#ns would go, and really, it became a big fun, though i could myself be considered as one for having fallen in their trap. I'm discovering more and more how things are going in the world, and this experiment added some results, interesting ones.

And there's one thing... I'm pretty sure by now, they must be trembling. Mind that, by "they" there could be you in. Looking at your question which seems to indeed matter some minds as it tends to come back regularly in this thread while all other posts in this section are pretty uninformed, except things like "I'm going to visit that beautiful beach" ... I provided much much more details about my project. So indeed they must be trembling by now.
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Perhaps your trips, as per the title of your last proposed visit, are 'intellectual' and do not have a physical dimension. The threads have outlived their usefulness. You may read them in silence, much like the aramaic song you fancy and contemplate what went wrong. Bon Voyage
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