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India June/July

I will be traveling to India June 11-July 16th. I will be flying into the south to visit with some family but would like to so do some traveling up north ( Agra, Varanasi, Khajaraho, Darjeeling) and possibly Goa. Ive tried to narrow it down a bit....There are a few things I def want to see but am pretty flexible otherwise. Rajasthan I was told would be to hot for the time Im going so have put that one of the list. It would be great to meet up with some travel partners for some or all of the journey !

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Agra won't be much cooler. Watch the weather on Goa since it will be monsoon..
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Hi Indiagirl, I'm flying in to Delhi late May and will be travelling around (mainly North) until August. No real fixed plans beyond my first week there, as I too hope to meet others to travel with (I'm sure it'll be no problem to meet others once you're there though). Anyway, best of luck, & you never know - maybe our paths will cross...
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You'll find the temperatures in Raj. will be as high at 50 at its peak in Jaisalmer and high-40's in the rest of the area.

Much of North India will still be sweltering in mid-40's so be prepared for HOT.

As for the 1 month you have to visit, I'd suggest that you just stick with the North (don't bother with flying down to Goa (it will be quite humid).

There would be enough to keep you occupied for 4 weeks in the Northern regions.

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I am planning to visit the whole of india solo as well at the same time, but for 2 months starting from June 15. I want to start in delhi and visit most of the UNESCO heritage sites by backpacking through all the places. Can someone provide some advice on the best route if i want to do delhi, agra, middle east regions ( all this for around 10 days including Agra and delhi sites, varanasi, khajuraho etc.), back to delhi and then rajasthan and amritsar and wagah border (if its worth it) for a week/10 days and then head to hyderabad, south, backwaters of kerala (for around 2 weeks approx), stay in goa for 5 days and scuba dive. Finally head to mumbai and then stay with family and go see the caves and finally head to ahmedabad for more time with family. I would like some suggestions on best dates for different regions due to the monsoon.
Does anyone know if its best to get package tours for the different regions seperately once i get to the main city, or should i get an all inclusive package (i feel this one is more rushed incase i want to spend a day or two extra at a place).

Thanks in advance

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I was considering some package tours as well but I really think it would be cheaper to plan it out on your own so I think thats what I will end up doing. Most of the tour deals seemed to involve more shopping than anything.

Let me know if you come across any good deals though
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cheaper deals....not from here for sure

I am in Toronto and so all the deals i see online are in USD and therefore definately more expensive. I am on a budget as well and so would like to get some good deals. I have family friends in India and so once i have an itinery confirmed, i will try and get the best prices from a couple of tour operators in India.
e-mail me on kenyan_sun(at)hotmail(dot)com and we try and stay in contact (facebook is a possibility as well...if you ok with it).
I want to take 2 months off before my masters and backpacking was the main goal, but concerns about petty thefts and scams makes me want to take a package tour atleast through the agra and delhi sections.
The problem i see with package tours is that they seem way too hurried. I simply want to have decent accomodation and take my time to see places. In those cases they mostly advertise for drivers and hotels included, bit too pricy when you traveling solo. And then its always a hassle for getting to and from train stations to the sites.
keep in contact, we might even run into each other.

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