Heading to India Around Nov 9th - Dec 5th, 2006
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Heading to India Around Nov 9th - Dec 5th, 2006


I'm a 30M from Edmonton, Canada, and I've tentatively planned my trip around leaving Edmonton (Nov 9-ish) and returning (Dec 5-ish).

Here is sort of an itinerary I drafted up...

Starting in Mumbai... Udaipur... Jodphur... Jaisalmar... Jaipur... New Delhi... Agra... Varanasi

... Kathmandu

Could also be Vice Versa (Start in Nepal and end up in Mumbai)

If anyone sort of has the same-ish itinerary, maybe we can meet up somewhere. I don't fancy long 16 hour train journeys by myself... Although I'm sure my rough guide will be enough reading material.

Having a travel companion for a little while would be awesome! :ThumbsUp

If anyone is interested, plz feel free to gimme a shout.

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Hi Mate,

This is Aryan from India.
Welcome to India in advance. I am sure you will have a certain
great time in India.Now the route and the places you mentioned
are real worth visiting - but is it fixed that you will only
stick to these places - or I have the privelege to show you
some similar fascinating places also.

To introduce myself I am a web designer and my specialisation
zone is Travel Tourism - so in this regard I have good expertise
of different places in India and also have friends who owns
very beautiful resorts all over India.So your trip can be very
well organised and planned - and so that you have an everlasting

Hope to help you out and be accompanying you in your tour.
Will look forward for your response.

Have a nice time.


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