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hi i am going to visit aurangabad, shirdi and ajanta, but have only 2 days. any help for best place to stay and can all be seen in 2 days?

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Very difficult but doable in 2 days by car. Shirdi & daultabad fort on day one & Ellora & ajanta on day 2,provided you start early. There is a new road to Shirdi from Aurangabad , saves some time. Dependinng on time for darshan , you can do daultabad fort or Ellora on the same day. on day 2,start early from aurangabad towards ajanta. There is a new road mid way from ajanta to aurangabad towards Ellora. although it will be hectic but manageable if you have your own car/ taxi.
If you aim to do only shirdi & ajanta then it is definitely possible.
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Our HOTEL section will give you some reviews of places to stay in this area.
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