Landour Language School: Promoting Indian Language worldwide
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Landour Language School: Promoting Indian Language worldwide

Landour Language School: Promoting Indian Language worldwide

Raju Gusain

A steep road from the crowded Picture Palace here takes one to the famous Landour Language School. The institute is over a hundred year old and is promoting Hindi and other Northern Indian languages, specially among foreign students.

Throwing light on its history, Chitranjan Datt, the Principal of the Landour Language School, says,” It was established in 1870 by Rev. S.H.Kellog, S.W. Fallon and T.F.Cummins. Before independence, its main aim was to teach the missionaries Hindi to contribute to spread of Christianity. After 1947, its role has changed totally and now it is promoting the national language worldwide.”

The school operates under the ‘North India Institute of Language Study Society’, a charitable society. It offers a Beginner’s (3 Month), Intermediate (3 Month) and the Advanced course in Hindi. Besides this the Beginner’s and Intermediate courses are available in Urdu, Punjabi, Garhwal and Sanskrit.

The Landour Language School functions from the premises of the Kellog Memorial Church. Its courses are widely acclaimed and the institute conducts language training programme for the students of some 40 foreign universities. Including University of London, Harvard University, University of Chicago, University of Iowa to name a few.

Henrietta Natel, a student from the University of London, is all praises for the institute and claims, “It is totally different and a great experience that I have never come across.”
Besides foreign universities many embassies and high commissions too send their staff to learn language here. The scene is common every year and almost ninety percent of students taking admission are foreigners.

The session begins in February and ends in December. The school propagates the one-to-one method of imparting language and a class can have a maximum of five students. Its fee too is very reasonable.

The emphasis on personal attention given by the school is effective and it is proved by the reply of Aaron Bandstra, a student who has studied Hindi for a mere six weeks. He is basically an architectural student from Vancouver (Canada) and says,” Main Hindi seekh raha, thoda-thoda bolta hai.”

The Principal of the School, Chitranjan Datt asserts that now it is more a tutorial centre and conducts courses even for a short duration of time, at the requirement of the student. “It is my dream to start an on-line (Website) training programme, so that a large number of people can be benefited by the quality language courses of our institute.”

For details contact:
Landour Language School, Landour Cantonment,
Mussoorie (Uttaranchal) PIN: 248 179
Phone: 0135-2631487

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I studied twice at the Landour Language School, and I did learn quite a bit! Some of the teachers were more experienced than others, but overall it was very good.
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Dear Mirjam! I also intend to study at the Landour Language School (one to one method). Can you recommend any of the teachers? I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much in advance

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