Bharatpur bird park faces water crunch

#1 Sep 6th, 2004, 19:22
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JAIPUR: One of the world's 19 wetlands sites which is a sanctuary for migratory birds is facing destruction. The reason: it is not getting water to keep its flora and fauna alive.

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#2 Sep 8th, 2004, 17:35
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Sad so sad,
From both an ecological and a tourism point of view!! As the article states there are very few of these wetland sanctuaries on the planet. So to destroy one because of stupid beaurocracy seems ludicrous.
This is just another poke in the eye for local hoteliers. Last year they were embroiled in a court battle to keep their hotels.
It seems years ago many of the hotels were built illegally on agricultural land, with the consent of the municipal council it was a bit of a shady deal with baksheesh changing hands.
In the intervening years these hoteliers were charged commercial tax on their hotels.
Last year a local politician decide he was going to enforce the law flatten the hotels plant trees landscape and then the hoteliers could again apply for building permission.
So this latest catastrophe will put the hoteliers under even more pressure!!
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I think IM's should draft a letter to the Authorities and every IM'ers should put their sign on it to save this Jewel
#4 Sep 8th, 2004, 18:48
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The problem is opposite for the migratory bird sanctuary at Ranganthitu in Karnataka. The nests get submerged!! During the peak season the whole area get over packed with birds. They even nest very close to the water and the chicks and nests get destroyed when the water level rises. At times even the crocks in the lake attack the low laying nests.
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#5 Sep 8th, 2004, 19:48
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Shameful !

The article says that water from the dam was not released for no apparent reason!! This is absolutely senseless and unpardonable !!

Do hope good sense in the bureaucracy prevails and the sanctuary is saved before its too late.

The culprits should be punished in a similar fashion - water supply to their homes should be cutt off for days!
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#6 Sep 27th, 2004, 20:11
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I've searched the Indian newspapers but haven't been able to find any other more recent reports on the water crisis at Bharatpur. If the park doesn't get water then this will be two years out of the last three that it has suffered a water shortage.

This could have serious long term consequences for the migratory birds which arrive to winter there. As far as I was aware the area had a reasonable monsoon this year, so there should have been no problem with allocation of water.

As Keoladeo is one of the world's most important wetland sites for migratory birds and a jewel in India's wildlife crown surely something can be done?
#7 Sep 27th, 2004, 23:39
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I'm starting to get into the realms of "the conspiracy theory" last year politicians wanted their hand on the commercial side of Bharatpur bird park via land/designation/title reclamation.
This year despite an order from the state goverment the water hasn't been released. The result yet more problems for the Hotel network geared towards the park.
It is a bird paradise and the locals who built up a business around this idea should be allowed to trade there as an inheritance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It would be such a crying shame to see this jewel of the bird world disappear for commercial reasons.

#8 Oct 4th, 2004, 19:14
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This article from the Statesman gives a little more insight into the problems facing the bird park at Bharatpur!!
As is usuall in India it's not simple, another case of humans fighting with the animal kingdom for space or in this case water!!


Hurrah it seems all parties have been satisfied with a fresh bout of rain and the waters have been released from the Panchna dam!!!!
All is right in the world
350 million cubic feet of water has been released from the damn at the orders of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. And there has been a fresh round of rain too.

The sanctuary full of aquatic life is assured of a full house as another season starts early October.

In addition to a large variety of local birds, some foreign birds have already started arriving and if Siberian cranes descend at the sanctuary, hotels and lodges in this small town that is close to Bharatpur can expect to do good business.

Last month nature lovers and wildlife experts had petitioned the Rajasthan government to arrange for immediate release of water to sustain aquatic life and attract migratory birds.
So you see petitions can make a difference!!

Here's the link to the full article Bharatpur gets water!!!!

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