which to drop Bikaner or Udaipur

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Hi all,
I'm trying to sort out my travels with my 18year old son, Finn, in December
We have 14 days and we have decided to spend it mostly in Rajastan.
Finn also wants to see Varanasi. So the travel agent that is arranging that part says we need to give up either going to Udaipur or Bikaner to have time to go to Varanasi..

I'm reluctant to give up Bikaner because I hear the drive from jaipur to Bikaner is really wonderful. .. but then again there is Udaipur...hmm

Any suggestions?
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What is the rest of your itinerary?
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Haven't seen Bikaner, so cannot comment on it. Udaipur I've certainly seen and my personal opinion of the city is not too high - I recommend dropping it.
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I would say drop Bikaner. Not that much to see or do - the fort, the camel research station and the old part of town. We enjoyed Udaipur much more, even though the lake was still dry when were were there (late July). They've had some good rains in the meantime and the lake is full, so it will be very pleasant.
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Depends where you're going otherwise, and what sort of things you're planning on doing.

I like Udaipur because it's got some lovely palaces around the place and I think has a pretty nice feel to it (again, even when the lake was dry). I found it to be a bit more touristy in general BUT
If found the touts in Bikaner to be the worst I encountered, could have just been a bad day. But it seems like a pretty good departure spot for a camel safari (though I've only done this in Jaisalmer) and a day of wandering around the shops and markets was pretty interesting for me.
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I'd recommend dropping Varanasi.

It's not really along your route, so it will cost you a lot of time to fit in with the other places, and even then you'd probably have just one day in Varanasi, which does not do it justice.

Both Udaipur and Bikaner are nice, although one or two days each should be enough. I'd plan enough time to stop along the way and visit a few of the (marginally) less popular places like Ranakpur and Khumbalghar -- and do not forget Jaisalmer.

Varanasi really does not fit -- but of course it'd make a good excuse to come back
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I prefered Udaipur over Bikaner. Bikaner is definitely less "touristy"...although that is changing! I had lots of time in India so was not pressed for time. If you are on a tight schedule, I would go with Udaipur.
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Was in both places during November 04. I have to vote for Udaipur. Found it to be a relaxing place. Most days I rented a bicycle and rode around. Enjoyed the rooftop restaurants and watching that James Bond movie, over and over and over. If there is water in the lake, it should be even better.

Bikaner has less travelers, nice fort and a cool Raj era hotel called Hotel Bhairon Vilas. Also, its a short day trip to the temple with the rats.

Hope this helps. Damn, I am ready to go back.
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Originally Posted by steven_ber What is the rest of your itinerary?
If we choose to go to Bikaner:

day1: Delhi.
day2: Drive to Agra 3 hrs. Visit Taj Mahal / agra Fort. Continue on to Bharatpur Overnight Bharatpur.
day3; Morning visit the Bird sanctaury. After early lunch drive to Jaipur. overnight Jaipur.
day4: Visit Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, observatory. Overnight JAipur.
day5: Drive to Bikaner , visit the havelies at Mandawa enroute. overight Bikaner.
day6: visit the Junagarh fort, the rat temple at Deshnok. Overnight Bikaner.
day7: Drive to JAisalmer.( 6 hrs ).
day8:Vist the fort, Lake Gadesar , cenotaphs.
day9: Camel safari . overnight tents.
day10: Return to Jaisalmer .. drive to Jodhpur.
day11: Morning visit teh Mehrangarh fort. Afternoon village safari to teh Bhisnoi villages.
Day12: fly back from Jodhpr to Delhi
day13: Fly delhi Varansi. Half Day City Tour. Overnight Varansi
day14: early morning river cruise. Sarnath tour. Flight to delhi , Finn goes back to California

If we decide to go to Udaipur:

day1 - Dehli
day2: fly Delhi Udaipur .
day3: udaipur
day4: drive to Jodhpur via RAnakpur.
day5: Full days sightseeing.
day6: drive to JAisalmer.
day7: Camel Safari,
day8: Jaisalmer.
day9: train to Jaipur dep 0530 arr 1030. Overnight Jaipur
day10: drive to Agra ( 5 hrs ).
day12 Fly to Varansi ..
day13: Retuay6rn to Delhi in the evening. Overnight Delhi.
day14: Afternoon depart.

I know it seems crazy to spend one day in Varanasi (I am actually going to spend about a week there when I arrive in September) Finn, my son really wants to see the city and the Ganges. It seems like it will be a very long time before he will be able to get back to India. So we are choosing a rather rush rush trip.

So… I would appreciate any input on which itinerary to choose

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Well there you go curtisy of IM you're now armed with a wealth of insight!
Only trouble is you're back at square one, which one to choose???
Based on the details you have provided (which are well thought out) it's difficult to plump for one or the other!
Selfishly I would choose Bikaner and enroute the Shekawati stopover, but then I've already seen Udaipur but not Shekawati (which is on the list of must do's)
Then again your Udaipur itinery includes Ranakpur (and probably Kumbhalgarh en route) I'm stumped, same as you
Make a personal choice and commit to it is the only other advice I can think of, India is pretty much like life, it's what you make of it!!

Congrats on two well thought out itineries and I hope you and your son have a great time!!

Happy Traveling
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Originally Posted by cyberhippie Make a personal choice and commit to it is the only other advice I can think of, India is pretty much like life, it's what you make of it!!
Yes Its what you make of it!
I'll stop fretting now and toss a coin or something.

thank you all for your input
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this thread cracks me up!
Talk about the duality of Indian thought . . ..
Seems you can't go wrong either place, so you have no wrong choice. I would mention that I don't like U due to the tourist "scene", never been to B, but U is convenient for Ranakpur, Kumbalgarh and Chittorgarh, all among India's best!
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You could follow this itinerary -

day1: Delhi. Overnight train to Bikaner.
day2: Arrive Bikaner. Sightseeing. Night in Bikaner
day3; Morning by taxi to Jaisalmer. Ask for drop to Jaisalmer only.
day4: In Jaisalmer
day5: In Jaisalmer. Evening train to Jodhpur.
day6: In Jodhpur. Night in Jodhpur.
day7: Drive to Udaipur by taxi.( 6 hrs ).
day8:In Udaipur. Night in Udaipur
day9: Drive Udaipur to Jaipur.
day10: In Jaipur
day11: In Jaipur.
Day12: Jaipur to Agra visiting Bharatpur.
day13: Fly Agra to Varanasi. Half Day City Tour. Overnight Varansi
day14: early morning river cruise. Sarnath tour. Flight to delhi , Finn goes back to California
Pax Vobiscum - May you go in peace!

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